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    Ford Transit 1300 Camper Van (1969)

    In a flash we saw the Ford Transit 1300 Kampeerwagen (Camper) at the back of a yard in Wanswerd, Friesland. Reason enough for a classic enthusiast to take a look and take a picture of a Ford Transit that you will not soon see looming in your rear-view mirror. By: Dirk de Jong Om More

  • Things worth knowing
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    Things worth knowing

    Things worth knowing about old-timers that you probably didn't know: In a road test that once appeared about the MG MGC, an author probably wasn't having his day and the powerhouse slammed to the bone. After that, every next 'road tester' didn't like it at all. Such a thing would not brake and only excessive More

  • Ford Transit

    A rare survivor

    Ford Transits… There are an incredible number of these made. And in their working lives they were usually treated like Greek donkeys: they got a lot of beating and little eating. They crumpled in various ways and most of them will have been recycled into Kia or toaster a few times by now. But in the More