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Ford Consul Coupe (1974)

Henry Ford Consul Coupe (1974). Functional beauty. 

When you see this beautiful and much-loved classic 1974 Ford Consul Coupé in a parking lot, you become incredibly curious about the story of this classic car. A note under the windshield wiper is then the only way to get in touch with the owner. This time contact was made quickly and the voice in the phone immediately sounded energetic and enthusiastic about the Ford classic hobby. 
Ford Mustang California special

Ford Mustang 'California special' by Meindert (1968) is a special version 

There is something fascinating about wandering about a dismantling company, you never know what you will encounter. But sometimes you see something that makes your blood flow faster. Like a 1968 Mustang California special that recently swapped the dark garage for the outdoors. Driving around in this Mustang is now almost a dream, at least there is a guarantee for a smile and fun eyes for Meindert. 

Ford Germany, the Taunus

On October 1930, 1925, Henry Ford and Conrad Adenauer, then mayor of Cologne and later prime minister, became equally construction workers. They laid the foundation stone for the new Ford factory in - yes - Cologne. Ford was not new to Germany, but the Cologne location was. As early as XNUMX, T Fords and A Fords had been assembled in Berlin.

How the Taunus Transit became

Most of the Taunuses / Transits were seen and used as tools. And where they already received care, TLC was lacking. In their later life they often had to make do with a lot of beating and little eating. Add to that the fact that at the time the factories simply did not pay attention to rust prevention and you understand why there are many more Ferrari GTOs left than - early - Transits.

AC Cobra. A kind of…

Cobras are not an endangered species. It's teeming with them. For many people, a Cobra is the ultimate sports car because of its looks alone. And for the original copies with V8 blocks, amounts with seven figures are now charged.