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    Fire. When it gets too hot in the shed

    Friend Freek reported yesterday that he had had an inner fire and that he had put it out. He was therefore genuinely desperate. Because he had used a powder extinguisher. Extinguishing powder is salty and hygroscopic. Freek was gloomy: "Actually I should have let the case burn out." More

  • Garage Vingerling

    From the old box: Garage Vingerling

    Nowadays, a dealer is told exactly what his business should look like – at a visible location or company site – from the importer, what the lighting should be, what software updates he should purchase. What cars (or motorcycles) he has to sell in the current year and what garage-related things like More

  • VW reatauration in AMK 11

    A garage in Schalsum and an orange Beetle

      And how did high-quality restoration work come about there? That was actually because the Roy Jr. bought a 'workhouse'… That's how the orange Savings Beetle became a top beetle. If you have a nice story about a unique garage company, you can give us a heads up. Oh yes: The story about the family More

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    A new website for Powerplustools

    Since 1999, Powerplustools has been a good address for purchasing professional tools for an affordable price. After a few relocations, mail orderers have been serving the Dutch and Belgian markets for several years now from Heerenveen. More

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    Verkeerd Afgelopen

    AMK reader Hans Havenaar, the man who is busy with the restoration of a Morris Minor Traveler about which we reported a few months ago, has been in a back street in Philippsbourg, France (in Alsace), although for some time now More