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  • GAZ-69

    GAZ-69 Jeep, with the 'Z' of 'zavod'

    GAZ made Fords under license. In May 1929, the Soviet Union signed an agreement with the American Ford Motor Company. Americans and the Soviets agreed to purchase $13 million worth of cars and parts, while Ford agreed to provide technical assistance with the construction of a car factory until 1938 More

  • GAZ

    GAZ or Volga? What is in a name?

    GAZ or Volga? What does it matter? The cars come from the Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod “Gorky Automobile Factory”) or GAZ. And GAZ is the Russian car factory in Nizhny Novgorod and part of the GAZ group. The factory started in 1929 as NNAZ, a joint venture between Ford and the Soviet Union. The name then changed More

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    State limo

    The auction of this unique Tschaika Gaz 13 ended yesterday on ebay. The minimum price of 25.000 euros was unfortunately not reached (for the seller). More