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Lancia Flavia Convertible

Lancia Flavia Convertible - Decades ago, the previous owner started a rigorous restoration, but lost interest in the process. Tinkering in a damp shed isn't everything... And then he died. The heirs cleaned up the house, garden and buildings and thus the current owner came into the picture
Purchasing classics there

Classic by Fred Flintstone

Frederick – commonly known as Fred - Flintstone, but also known as Fred W. Flintstone is an overactive male from the television series 'The Flintstones'. The series saw the light of day in 1960 and later also appeared in booklets, comic strips and commercials. Fred, if you are a little familiar with the phenomenon - and otherwise we will refresh your memory - is the husband of Wilma Flintstone.

French Ford Anglia Estate

Ford Anglias, those with the sloping rear window, are not that hard to find. The story will be different if you are looking for the Estate variant. Can not be found…? 'Your car

Simca Bertone Coupé

If there is still one car missing in the current rally car park, then that is a Simca 1000 Coupé with bodywork from Bertone. We have one for it

Rover P5B: bargain

No one can deny that a Rover P5B is not an impressive car. Moreover, there are few left of it and are therefore rare today. Again as a reader of Auto Motor Klassiek. We ran into a Mr. Hircock who has such a Rover in his garage that he would like to get rid of.

Steamboat must be saved

Boats are not directly an item that you encounter in 'your' Auto Motor Klassiek, but we believe that a so-called 'Paddle Steamer' from 1937 should be given a fair chance in its aftermath. After the ship that was christened in 1937 Ryde and since then maintained the crossing from the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth, came out of active service in 1966, it was purchased by a dance and nightclub operator and converted into a floating attraction.

Golf Stationcar

If you are interested in a Volkswagen Golf 1600 Stationcar from 1977 then it is important to contact a certain Mr. Moseley who can be reached by phone under number 0044-7894-477.371.