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    BMW 3200CS. Rare beauty.

    At the IAA 1961 in Frankfurt, BMW – in the shadow of the Neue Klasse – presents the BMW 3200 CS. The belated successor to the 503 Coupé will be built from 1962 to 1965. The last BMW without a self-supporting body is actually a co-production. The bodywork is done at Bertone More

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    Fiat Panda. Ultimate pride of Giorgetto Giugiaro.

    In 1980 the Fiat Panda saw the light of day. The small angular Italian was marketed to provide cheap and practical transportation. The Panda also fulfilled its maker's wish to introduce the successful front-wheel drive concept from, for example, the 127 and the Autobianchi A112 in the smallest class. Designer Giorgetto Giugiaro managed to design a striking and extremely successful car. It remained in production for 23 years. More

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    Fiat Panda. The last of the Mohicans

    Fiat Panda. The car with which you laughed at everyone astonished the world in 1980. A cheap, smooth, practical and very handy cart for little. Intended for the motorist who simply wanted to get from A to B. But so cleverly designed that many saw how great the added value of ingenuity in its simplest form could be. The Panda became a cracker, and the last of the Mohicans to demonstrate just how amazingly fun basic transportation can be. More

  • Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

    Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint | 1964

    Look at that… There she is. All alone. Almost shy. She knows we're staring at her perfect lines. Down her hips to her beautifully sculpted, modest rear with those signature deep-set taillights. Through its clear windows to the 55 year old leather. She knows this needs to be replaced… She's ashamed More

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    Traveling through time: Museo Nazionale Dell'Automobile Di Torino

    Northern Italy can be considered an absolute attraction for classic enthusiasts. It houses several car museums. One of those stopping places for soaking up automotive history is in Turin: the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile di Torino. We visited the museum in the capital of Piemonte. We make the entrance in the modern stylized building, and More