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  • Goggomobil

    Goggomobil: Das Ding aus Dingolfing

    The 66 year old Hans Glas had some guests in his villa near Dingolfing. “We are simple Bavarian entrepreneurs,” he began his conversation at the dining table. “But if you see how many copies of the Goggomobil we have sold in recent months, then we can celebrate with a nice meal.” The Goggomobil had four […] More

  • Goggomobil Dart
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    The Goggomobil Dart. Rare Australian with German microgenes

    Suddenly a very special microcar appeared on the horizon. Or rather: he showed off in front of the garage company Benthem in Noordwolde, Friesland. A fiberglass tub without doors, painted in a beautiful blue color, and equipped with rally shields that testify to a participation in the Liège-Brescia-Liège rally. The hubcaps with Glas logo […] More

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    At the front of the file

    'In the past' it was known that if there was a traffic jam, a DAF or one Citroën 2CV had to drive in front. The Goggomobil had largely disappeared from the streets by then, so the chance that such a bubbling thing caused the traffic jams was as good as excluded. That the German owner of the Goggomobil depicted here […] More

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    Goggomobil T250

    Such a Goggo dates back to the time when happiness was still common and savings were made for something like a car and people were careful with it. The Goggomobil pictured here, a T250 from presumably 1959 - with a right-hand steering wheel - survived for a long time and eventually ended up in a scrap yard in Ireland. More