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  • Harley-Davidson Evolution

    Harley-Davidson Evolution. Even old

    After Harley-Davidson had made Shovelhead blocks - with their roots in 1920 - for years, that concept was worked out. The Shovels were no match for any competition and they broke down all the time, having to 'take on' against much more modern constructions. In addition, they made too Read more

  • Harley

    Memories of Utrecht and Harley

    Today, we, motorcyclists, are still seen by some people as a geteisem. And that while we can at most be a bit overconfident. But we learned that things were once different during the visit of a Really Old motorcyclist who had wasted his youth in the swampy lanes of the Utrecht lowlands. He Read more

  • When Harley just made motorcycles ...

    When Harley just made motorcycles ...

    At that time there were no marketers and Het Merk did not earn more from the 'merchandise' than from the engines. Then the Harleys, the Big Twins were still V Twins 1.0. Far from Body Style devices, but often just workhorses. The Harley pay attention to the line because that's what they attach to the marketing Read more

  • A scholarship for old Harley stuff

    A scholarship for old Harley stuff

    The organization is proud to announce that the Swapmeet, previously held in Haaksbergen and organized by the "friends of Harley-Davidson", will be continued. In the city center of Enschede, barely 10 km from the old location, we have a large hall found, which offers space for this 3-year-old initiative Read more