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    No more vegetarian BBQs

    Of course it's fun to blow up and down the Stelvio. But within the small-scale happiness you could go to Motorcamping Het Dijkje by Joop de Jonge in Eck en Wiel for 22 years. More

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    When we were allowed on vacation… - column

    After four hundred kilometers through the rain you are at least happy, no matter how good modern motorcycle clothing is. At our gite, the rainwater ran down the stony driveway like a brave mountain stream. We rode upstream and put our horses in the stable. The real horse that was apparently also hiding there from the rain looked at the whole thing suspiciously. More

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    Holidays 150 km from home

    Holiday in 2020 was something special. With all the corona jitters, a lot has gone wrong. And there were also some other priorities than vacation. But in the meantime it is approaching autumn, the weather remains nice and in terms of Covid panic, the highest waves have already subsided a bit. A short vacation More

  • National road 7

    Route Nationale 7. Holiday tip for the classic enthusiast

    Will this be the holiday destination of 2020 for you? The Route National 7, also known as the 'N7'. In the United States, Route 66 is a dream, in France the N7. This famous road is also known as the Route bleue - the Blue road - or Route des vacances - the holiday road - is a national road in France, connecting Paris with the Italian border in Menton. More

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    The body warmer, and the cut on the chain

    The lady at the bakery asked me: “Why do you always have your wallet on chains? “I guessed that by 'you' she meant motorcyclists, while I know enough motorcyclists who don't have their hair cut on the chain. But indeed, you see it more often with chopper and custom riders. And I think that More

  • Holiday with a classic

    Holiday with a classic

    At least: the summer vacation time. Happy retirees are already busy with autumn, Christmas and spring holidays. When the last holiday came up – Northern France, the French Ardennes – the question from 'the opposing party' was: “But surely not in such an old car?” Not all our acquaintances are classic connoisseurs. But of course it was so Because More

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    Holiday time, engine time

    Vacation time, motorcycle time. Nowadays it is not uncommon to start a motorcycle holiday by putting the motorcycle on the trailer. That's not such a bad idea. Because to drive the full 1000 km Autobahn kilometers to the Alps with a classic? That's soooo 1960. But then it is More

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    Holidays. Like it was

    Holidays. As it was A gravy pan full of meatballs under the passenger seat. The foot space between the backrests and the rear seat is so packed with stuff that a kind of flat floor was created between the backrests. “Alpine choice” trailer tents that were so challenging for a 1200 cc Beetle that mother and two children had to get out More

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    France in the resit

    For years it was our favorite holiday country: France. But those French… That language… The exclamation “France is a fantastic country, it's a shame that the French live there” is attributed to our Flevo phenomenon Annemarie J. But that too is too much honor for the lady in question. What is true is that the French are a separate breed More

  • empty garage

    Read your policy!

    It's vacation time. And quite a few classics have to stay at home to wait until we get back. And sometimes it takes too long… RECOVERY: Your classic will be gone when you return. And the insurance may not pay. More

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