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The originality blues

In 'our circles' we strive for factory originality, or for perfection. Lately, 'patina' has become the new perfection and 'time originality' has become more and more accepted. I once saw a BMW fundamentalist with a face contorted in disgust next to an almost perfect BMW R90 S in my eyes. The thing was worthless in his eyes. Only good for scrap. Because frame, block and box were not 'Nummergleich'. Apparently a different gearbox was once fitted.
Purchasing classics there

Half a motor, better than an empty cap

It is often grumbled that 'nobody does anything anymore'. Just like with a lot of grumbling, it's not that bad. But some really 'do' much more than others. Harm Schrage is such a person. We came into contact with him through the fanfare. This is what he did. In his own words:
Moto Guzzi DIY

Moto Guzzi DIY, Jan's Guzzi

The King Self-Build Days of Motoport Hengelo have restored an old tradition: Making your own motorcycle is a party. This party used to be easier to celebrate because the RDW still roamed around in twilight areas and…

Cafe racers

Build cafe racers

Fortunately, there is a huge range of neo, semi or real classics that are too good to throw away, but for which a real restoration would be far too expensive. Making café racers is a winter thing... Cheaper than restoring them...

DIY engines

Self-built engines Nowadays you would be summarily executed for: Self-built engines. But in the past it was not a strange thing to build a different engine block in a motorcycle. Of course most of us know the British crossbreeds: Tribsa, Norvin,…

Bitsas and Bastards

DIY engines

Bitsas and Bastards: DIY motorcycles “Just make your own motorcycle”. Nowadays you would be summarily executed for it. But in the past it was not a strange thing to build a different engine block in a motorcycle. Of course, most of us know…

An enigmatic engine

A mysterious engine. A clumsy home-build or a genius concept? These photos have been circulating within well-known circles for a while. Like a kind of search pictures. The most in-depth analysis came from a forum user who clearly recognized an attempt to do something…

A unique motor project

A unique motor project

A unique engine project. And clearly much more than a 'craft' put together on a rainy day. The machine must be built by a 100% technician. You can tell immediately because it's so ugly. By the way, that's what we mean...