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  • Honda Civic

    Honda Civic 1200 Hondamatic – impression

    "What is that?" It is the question that the road worker asks his colleague when we pass the gentlemen. The question invades the interior. Grab it 25 years ago this would never have been asked. Because then the first-generation Honda Civic – facelifted or not – was still More

  • Honda CB400A (Automatic) (1976-1977)

    Honda CB400A (Automatic) (1976-1977)

    Honda is the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer. And the USA has long been Honda's largest customer. In the States, driving a manual car is something for perverted sporty drivers with a lot of technical insight. Americans drive automatic. So there also had to be a fantastic market for motorcycles with an automatic transmission. Hondas with automatic transmission. The Honda CB 400A (Automatic). However? NOT! More

  • Honda CB 750 Hondamatic

    Honda CB 750 Hondamatic: Rare

    Of the more than 8000 copies of this (semi) automatic that were produced in 1976, 1977 and 1978, no motorcycles have officially come to the Netherlands. Later on there have been some gray imports. Not suitable for Europe The European market was not seen as suitable for a 'slow' heavy motorcycle with automatic transmission. But More