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  • Citroën Type H 1961

    Citroën Type H. Nothing was impossible.

    De Citroën Type H was the legendary delivery van of Citroën and made use of many existing and already proven Citroëncomponents. The Type H was presented in 1947 as the successor to the front-wheel drive – and developed with the Traction Avant among other things – TUB. Read more

  • Citroën HY

    De Citroën HY continues to inspire

    The local chip shop used to do the rounds with his HY. That was a holiday. Much later I heard that the fry artist earned quite a bit by selling jenever – there were no more exotic spirits then. – from under the serving tray. Cheers! Real entrepreneurs see their opportunities. The HY: In the Read more

  • Traction Électrique is a collaboration between ZEVparts (Leen de Bodt), 2CV électrique (Ruben Stern) and Knooppunt Everdingen (Jos van Oosten). Together, the two electric ducks were developed in accordance with the new regulations and presented for inspection as a series at the RDW in Lelystad.

    Traction Electrique

    At the ICCCR we saw an electrically powered DS. But energizing Citroëns continues. “Traction Electrique” converts Ducks and Ducks, DSs and IDs and Hys into battery powered vehicles. Traction Électrique is a partnership between ZEVparts (Leen de Bodt), 2CV-électrique (Ruben Stern) and Knooppunt Everdingen (Jos van Oosten). Read more