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  • Hyundai pony

    Hyundai Pony and Hyundai Stellar. The beginning

    While North Korea is currently drawing most of the news, South Korea has been in the works for much longer and more constructively. In 1987 Hyundai already made over 700.000 cars. Only not many of them came to us yet. That changed considerably from 1988. Because Hyundai made good cars at fair prices. By the way, Hyundai means as much as 'modern times'. So the Hyundai Pony and Hyundai Stellar. More

  • Hyundai Stellar

    The Hyundai Stellar: An old Ford Taunus

    Collecting classic Koreans hasn't really taken off yet. That is of course also partly because, for example Hyundai, was not marketed as extremely exciting. The Stellar: A great Korean In 1984, the then introduced Stellar was quite something for a Korean. This first generation ran until 1987. More

  • Hyundai

    Hyundai Scoupé

    The Hyundai Scoupé: Also classic ´Classic? Could it? "That was a bit of the reaction when seeing a Hyundai S coupé 1,5i GT from 1991. And let's face it: There are also the editors of Auto Motor Klassiek days passed without us dreaming about Hyundai's affordable coupe. More

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    Porsche big winner in National Classic Research 2017

    We recently investigated how involved importers and manufacturers are in the classic world. Which brands care about their classics and which don't? One brand stood head and shoulders above the rest in the National Classic Research 2017: Porsche. Various international studies have shown that classics are big business. As it turned out from a More

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    AMK Classic research: participate!

    Can you go to the dealer with your classic or youngtimer or do you have to go to a brand specialist? Does an importer do something for you if you have a classic? Let us know in the big AMK Classic Survey! You may have already noticed on our Facebook page that we have started this research. Since More