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  • IFA BK 350

    IFA BK 350. The other boxer

    The BK 350 (the letters stand for Boxer Kardan with 350 cc displacement) was a motorcycle model of the VEB Motorradwerke Zschopau (MZ), which was produced from 1952 to 1959; initially under the name “IFA BK 350”. The BK 350 was presented to the public at the Leipziger Messe in 1951 as a DKW two-cylinder engine. More



    A two-stroke boxertwin The MZ BK350 After the war, Germany was redistributed and much of DKW's knowledge and production fell into communist and/or socialist hands. The IFA/MZ machines were direct successors in the DKW bloodline. But luckily it remained with the cloning of pre-war DKW models. The BK350 is More

  • AWO

    AWO Simson

    Motorcycles instead of guns Hunting weapons supplier Simson from Suhl was no longer allowed to make weapons after the Second World War. So it was time for a new way to put bread on the table. Fortunately, everything was well organized in the former GDR. Simson was commissioned by the Deutsch Sowjetische Aktiengesellschaft Awtowelo (AWO) More

  • DDR Fahrzeuge

    DDR Fahrzeuge

    DDR Fahrzeuge, 'vehicles from the GDR', the former 'East Germany'. Does that sound exciting or not? We all know the Trabantjes and MZs. That they are the clothing icons from the time when governments still knew exactly how to do it. And how did that end? We know that. In the meantime, the DDR vehicle fleet was indebted More

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    IFA Mobile 2T

    For a quarter of a century, the two-legged friends have been playing around clubily at the IFA Mobile 2Takt association. While those twenty-five past years were already a party for this group, the anniversary will be one more More