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    The motorcycle world is ...

    ... not what it used to be. Of course, motorcycle manufacturers also had their technical problems in the past. Certainly the Italian motorcycle manufacturers who, time and again, simply put their accountants in the corner to invest at least 1000 in competitive sport for every 5000 lire earned. More

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    India. Who travels far away ...

    … can tell a lot. And classic enthusiasts travel a bit. For the real die-hards among the classic motorcyclists, the information below naturally comes like manna from heaven. Although: we do not know whether Shiva, Brahma and Ganesha are also in the manna business. You have to pay for advertisements After all, we also have to live. The visitors […] More

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    Hindustan Ambassador

    Hindustan Ambassador On May 26, 2014, sad news came to the world: It was not entirely unexpected that the production of the Hindustan Ambassador stopped after 57 years. The Hindustan Ambassador is a remnant of the 3 Morris Oxford Series 1955 once conceived by Sir Alec Issigonis. Initially […] More