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    "Value increase of classics is not a bubble"

    “The appreciation of classics is not a bubble.” That is what Rutger Houtkamp of the Houtkamp Collection says. Together with Inter Classics director Eric Panis, he was a guest in the National Auto Show of BNR, which was broadcast on January 8th. “People mainly buy exclusive cars with their heart. We have been for many years More

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    Invest as a game of chance

    Matured as a game of chance? Classic motorcycles as an investment? Well no dude! Just do some shares of Fyra or something. Of course there are a number of motorcycles with a hefty price tag. Engines that may become even more expensive. Or not. But even that is often the issue of the day. So cherish the dream value and do not sell.

    Classic motorcycles are fun because they are fun. Not because they will ever be worth a lot. More

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    The Euro, the interest and investing in beauty

    So investing in beautiful things. From the classic corner we hear more and more that top pieces are being sold more easily. Not to pure enthusiasts, but to people with capital and their tendency to secure that capital and to invest more stable than in Cypriot banks. - Oh yes, and in between: the separation between Neuro and Zeuro is just waiting to be called -

    Apparently it is also a good one within wealthy relationships More