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Kawasaki H1-500: 'the widowmaker'

Kawasaki H1-500: 'the widowmaker'

'Widowmaker' or 'rodeo bike'. The revolutionary Kawasaki H1-500 cc three-cylinder did not get those nicknames for nothing. During their short lifespan the machines became less explosive, but they never became fine touring models. That was not the intention of…

Purchasing classics there
Honda CBR600F 88

Honda CBR 600 F. Pretty pointless now. But quite nice.

For many of us, 1986 still feels like yesterday. But a motorcycle from that year is already 35 years young. In the summer of 1986, the motorcycle world was even different. It was the time of fairings and sporty but usable engines. In the XNUMXs, motorcycles were still supplied as all-rounders. You made them sporty after purchase by means of a low handlebar, rear-set footrests (Raask!) A sports buddy and an exhaust system that loudly supported the sportiness. Touring riders mounted higher handlebars and bags or suitcases. The XNUMXs were also the years when motorcycles became reliable.
Honda C72 Honda C77

Honda C72-77. Still not hot!

The engine with which Honda went 'heavy': the Honda C77. That was a Honda C300 drilled to 72 cc. Those machines were revolutionary in the first half of the 72s. But no matter how fantastic the technique was: the styling was completely 'fifties' and the road handling left a lot to be desired outside of quiet use. Ivanhoe's Steel Rocking Horse sold best. But at the beginning of the seventies, so much good news came that the C77 and CXNUMXs soon faced a sad fate.
Suzuki cappuccino

Suzuki Cappuccino, intense caffeine shot. Even more espresso

If you think on a different scale, you can achieve excellent things with this Suzuki Cappuccino. The engineers behind this mini sports car prove this like no other. A super compact size naturally means less bulk. Especially if you also have the bonnet, boot lid and roof construction in aluminum. Then you do not have to mount bulky, heavy wheel suspension and you get enough propulsion potential from a three-cylinder engine of 657 cm3. Provided you tickle it a bit. 

Suzuki GSX-R750. A legend

With the Suzuki GSX-R750, Suzuki delivered the first affordable racer for public roads in October 1984. The engine was inspired by Suzuki's endurance racers. To save weight, the engine blocks were not liquid, but air and oil cooled. The Suzuki…