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  • Willy's jeep

    Willys Jeep: 'Built for Victory' 

    This well-known timeless military vehicle by Tjerk Stellema has been in the family for more than 70 years. It is showing off in the showroom of the eponymous car company. The “4 wheel drive utility vehicle” comes from the well-known army stocks that were distributed throughout the Netherlands by the National Traffic Inspectorate after the Second World War.  More

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    Minerva. The Cinderella among the Jeeps

    He is with friend Richard who 'does' Russian motorcycles. A Minerva Jeep. In all his open-mindedness, he was a bit in love with the trade-in and he thought, after having played with it for a while, he could easily lose him again. More

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    Hotchkiss M201: Jeeps from France

    In the context of the liberation, now 75 years ago, we have a very interesting Jeep story in the planning. But there are also less interesting Jeeps. At least. They were until recently. They were seen as 'not real'. Still, the Hotchkiss Jeeps were and are quite real. More

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    Parts: original, new, NOS or reference?

    Parts for classics. That is a thing. This is usually not possible - for a long time - ex factory. In the past, when whole stocks of new old stock were still floating around the world in former colonies, provinces and other countries, it was still fairly easy to score original parts. More

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    UAZ 452. Not retro, but real

    New Beetles. Minis and Fiat 500s? I see retro as designers' weakness or cunning marketing. Retro isn't real. Of course there are exceptions that I like. There are the Kawasaki W650-800 king axles on two wheels and the recent 650 cc Royal Enfield twins. Those things each have added value. But whether More

  • Haflinger

    Haflinger, small but brave

    “The Haflinger is a popular horse that stands out for its chestnut color with a light flax mane and tail. With his small height, he falls under the ponies in size, but is still a horse breed. It is a versatile horse that puts its best foot forward in almost all forms of equestrian sport”. Personally I have More

  • Jeep CJ7

    Jeep CJ7

    Jeep CJ7: for the 'Go!', or for the show? Recently we had a Humvee in view. Because this season is ideal for dredging trips. Here in the Netherlands these are often playing days on a fenced off plot. Not even that far over the border you can just frolic on unpaved roads. But pay attention to that. especially if you More

  • Humvee

    AM General HMMWV Humvee

    It's autumn. Dredging, rain… Ideal off-road weather. And then we almost immediately think of Land Rovers and Jeeps. But you can also think bigger and bigger. You can think of a Hummer H1 AM GENERAL Humvee M998 HMMWV with 6.2 l diesel block And that you are no friends with that at Groen Links More

  • Army vehicles

    Army vehicles from after WWII

    Military vehicles and dangers in peacetime The celebrations for the end of the Second World War 75 years ago for us have been great. People were urged through the media not to go there because of the crazy crowds. The media should have done that to the Germans in 1940 More

  • SUV

    SUVs, the birth of the sport utility vehicles

    In Den Beginne Sport utility vehicles. It abounds. Also in Amsterdam's PC Hooftstraat where people are annoyed by the SUVs that are not very 020 compatible. They have become lifestyle things. But what exactly is such a thing? And who was at the origin of this phenomenon? More

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    The Toyota Land Cruiser in AMK number 11

    The Toyota Land Cruiser. According to Toyota fans, that would be the best Jeep-like Land Rover has never made. Before these kinds of vehicles became obese and luxurious, they were tools, implements. They had to be able to function under the most minimalistic conditions. And in the meantime, a Toyota Land Cruiser is (almost) even More

  • CJ 5 original

    For the citizenry: the Jeep CJs

    The first issue of Spring 2016 features the history—and buying tips—of the Jeep CJ (civilian Jeep)'s. They were tools rather than automobiles. While retaining their essence, the CJs evolved somewhat. They bourgeoisied more than just in name. But their biggest change was in their buying audience. The More

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