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    A demented GPS – column

    Just got back from a visit to Martin and his Lief Ria who looks like Ducati gives the Nuda designed especially for her. And of course there is such a machine in the box that also sleeps Martin's engine. Martin bought his bike new 50 years ago. That was when motorcyclists were considerably younger than they are now on average. It was also the time when a lot of black earners, whether or not through the preconditions of supplementary benefits and subcontractors, bought a new, the latest, motorcycle every year. More

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    Classic riders are different - column

    We classic riders are different from modern motorcyclists. As friendly as they can be, they usually follow the arrow of their GPS on their almost perfect motorcycles. During lunch stops they eat healthy sandwiches and drink Spa or decaffeinated coffee. They no longer smoke either. We heard from someone who planned a week-long trip up to the location and time of lunch stops. More

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    India. Who travels far away ...

    … can tell many stories. And classic enthusiasts travel a bit. For the real die-hards among the classic motorcyclists, the information below comes like manna from heaven. Although: we don't know if Shiva, Brahma and Ganesha are also in the manna business. You have to pay for advertisements. After all, we also have to live. The visitors More

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    Classics, partners, travel. And the dog

    You are welcome everywhere with a classic. The presence of a partner is usually no problem either. But then there's that third wheel on the wagon, the dog. In themselves all perfect components for a perfect life. But sometimes the components don't mix so easily. A trip in a classic is for More

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    Northern France revisited

    Northern France has been a favorite holiday destination for a number of years. With a distance of about 400 kilometers it is well within the day travel distance of most classics. And besides, you can make nice parts of the ride 'inside'. On the way to the south Northern France is the piece of land where every holidaymaker More

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    Rostock by night

    You can come to an end with a classic. Rostock, for example, is only two days away from the center of our country. I was sitting on a terrace in Rostock. An old, stripped-down Goldwing came crashing across the square. The thing made a U-turn. Stopped. The rider kicked out the jiffy and came More

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    Something completely new: a classic holiday in Moldova

    In the period from 7-11 June, 12 young Moldavians take a classic holiday on old motorcycles to all 4 corners of Moldova: the northernmost (Naslavcea), the southernmost (Giurgiulesti), the easternmost (Palanca) and the westernmost (Criva). points. A tribute to the past “This classic holiday will first and foremost be a test drive More

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    Back from Cadzand. The end of the summer

    Back from Cadzand As an early teenager, Henk cycled from Tiel to Cadzand Bad. With his panniers full of Chocomel as a power drink. We decide to repeat the ride on the motorbike. The Netherlands has changed a lot in forty years. And four old motorcycles are different from a bicycle. Especially if there is a sidecar More

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    The technology, the autumn, the life

    The Ardennes are now that piece of hilly country you rush through on your way to the south. But you are doing yourself short on that. We still go there regularly, not through, but with years of experience and sometimes still just haphazardly.

    In the meantime we have made friends there. And friends lost. We feel connected to the Ardennes.

    Ardennes suffering

    The main means of existence in Wallonia? Those are euros. And those euros are richly provided via Flanders and Brussels. Edu lives on it. We first met him about ten years ago. He lives in an inexplicably inhabited home outside of a small village. No gas, water or electricity. There is a large, antique, wood-burning stove in the garden. More

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    About the past winter ...

    It is a quarter to eleven as in '22.45 hour'. I'm tired, on my own all the way and twenty minutes from home. And I have to pee a lot. The water is right in my mouth, but before I have found my hide-in-hide in this misery behind five layers of textile? I don't have to think about it and give it more gas. More

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    The AutroSleep Train

    In addition to cars, the AutoSlaap Trein is also suitable for taking your motorcycle or bicycle to or from your holiday destination, but you are also welcome on board without a vehicle! The destination Alessandria is also convenient to the Côte d'Azur and from our destination Livorno (Tuscany) you have an excellent connection by ferry to Corsica or Sardinia. From Koper in Slovenia you can easily reach Croatia More