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  • Kawasaki GPZ900 R

    Also quite a lot of bodywork: The Kawasaki GPZ900 R

    Kawasaki has always been Japan's most sporty, or assertive, brand. The time when the brand's only approach was that it simply only wanted to score on speed and dynamics was long gone in the first half of the eighties. Kawasaki then made not only fast, but also reliable and More

  • Kawasaki GPZ 500 S

    Simply very dated: The Kawasaki GPZ 500 S

    Hyper sportiness with low displacement. That's a thing. At Motorsloop (and dealer) Joost Woesthoff we found a Kawasaki GPZ 500 S. from the early nineties when all engines were fitted with a lot of fairing. He is slender and small. First of all it is noticeable that this Kawa is a Kawaatje. More

  • Kawasaki LTD 450

    The Kawasaki LTD 450 as a classic?

    The Kawasaki LTD 450/454 as a classic? Maybe because it was Kawasaki's second attempt – the CSR 305 cc 'chopper' was the first – to bring a chopper-like onto the market? Kawa may be genetically sporty, but the Japanese saw the enormous (American) market potential for Relaxed Driving. Successfully repressed We Ourselves More

  • in

    Invest as a game of chance

    Matured as a game of chance? Classic motorcycles as an investment? Well no dude! Just do some shares of Fyra or something. Of course there are a number of motorcycles with a hefty price tag. Engines that may become even more expensive. Or not. But even that is often the issue of the day. So cherish the dream value and do not sell.

    Classic motorcycles are fun because they are fun. Not because they will ever be worth a lot. More