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    Kawasaki ZL 250 Eliminator

    Kawasaki ZL250 Eliminator. The marketing department must have been behind this. If you have something big in impressive, then of course you have the whole market if you also offer something like this in XS version. And then XS is not meant as a brave abbreviation, but as Extra Small. And if More

  • Kawasaki G7 front edge

    Kawasaki G7, size matters

    In all photo books about The Most Beautiful Classics of all time we always find the same legendary motorcycles. They are picture books about the masterpieces of the motorcycle industry, the most expensive and heaviest machines of their time. Machines that were inaccessible to most people even then. But what about machines like the Kawasaki G7 More

  • Kawasaki GPZ 1100

    Kawasaki GPZ 1100

    The ancestor, the Kawasaki Z1 (900 c), the engine that technically knocked the Honda CB750 ohc off the throne, came from 1972. The four-cylinder with double overhead camshafts produced 81 hp and was already a classic at the beginning of the nineties. Up to 1100 cc But until the years More

  • ZZ-R600

    Kawasaki ZZ-R600. A classic?

    In its history, Kawasaki has often focused on speed as an asset. Fast, very sporty engines can also be classics. Even though they are only just officially classical. Only nowadays they are not very practical anymore with all roadside cash registers. They use die-hards on circuits. The ZZ-R600 is a user-friendly example of that approach. More

  • Six cylinders

    Six cylinders and more

    Six cylinders + turbo. Isn't that a bit much? Six cylinders in the motorcycle world have been status symbols for manufacturers (and most buyers). Only Honda has made serious money with the six-cylinder Goldwings. In fact, a six-cylinder engine is 'over the top' in all areas. In fact, such a thing – apart from the extra More

  • Kawasaki LTD

    Not every classic is an investment: Kawasaki LTD

    'Classics are only bought by investors anymore'. That is not true. Recently we saw two classic – because 25+ years young bikes – two Kawasaki's facing a rather uncertain future. They weren't Mach III and a Z900. And, however beautiful and good and dated they are: they More

  • Kawasaki

    The (Kawasaki) retro bikes. The new classics?

    The fascination with retro-style motorcycles started with the Honda GB500 and the Kawasaki Zephyr, both first produced in Japan as 400cc models. These models evoked nostalgia for the looks of the motorcycles of the time when motorcycles looked like… Motorcycles. Back in time: The Kawasaki W650 Kawasaki More

  • Kawasaki GPZ 305

    The Kawasaki GPZ 305: less status, more fun

    A lighter motorcycle from the 80s and 90s should not be an obstacle to take a piece of highway. But highways are stupid things to drive anyway. With a motorcycle, such as the 36 hp Kawasaki GPz 305, you are now driving a quite rare, not too More

  • Kawasaki LTD

    Doubt cases: The Kawasaki's LTD Z45O

    So the Kawasaki LTD. And if it's a Kawasaki LTD Z454, then it's almost the same thing, but it's from the States. And if 25+ is 'classic', then such a Kleine Kawa custom can now be classic. But is it a classic? Or becomes? We saw a ZGAN this weekend More

  • Suzuki GT 750

    Suzuki GT 750. An internet opinion

    The Suzuki GT 750 has in the eyes of some people an almost divine status. But even sour assholes cannot deny that the heavy Suzuki 750 cc water-cooled three-cylinder was and is a very nicely detailed, heavy and fast touring machine. After the Suzuki GT 750 was of 1 or 2 disc brakes More

  • Eagle

    Competition for Harley's eagle

    Competition, they are quite nervous about that in the States. Harley-Davidson sales are steadily declining. Due to the aging of the population. Plus the fact that for the public there is less and less difference between the Real Harley's and the most kewle Japanese V-twins. And the youth has the in India More

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