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    kit cars. An end of an era?

    In Auto Motor Klasssiek we always try to make a mix from 'mainstream' to 'pretty weird'. And the 'pretty weird' angle is now also kitcars with the appropriate age. That kitcar thing was once a tax trick from Not More So Great Britain. Cars that were delivered as kits were subject to a very user-friendly tax rate. And because the industrial revolution had started in the Perfide Albion, the amount of tinkering, fiddling and inventing techies was plentiful there. More

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    Even more sportswear for a civilian: VW Overdevest (?)

    The June issue of AMK – the kiosks are open again, but of course you can also take out a dirt cheap subscription – contains the heart-warming story about the Martaré Sportscar. That is a VW Beetle chassis in athletic outfit. He manly pretends to be a cousin of the Ford GT40. But that's just the plastic side of the story. More

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    Martaré rebirth

    Recently we reported about the Dutch Martaré kitcars. We will come back to this in detail in the next AMK. So there is still time to score a subscription! But we want to pay tribute to a 'cause' that was born out of pure passion. More

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    Martaré is back!

    When you hear that, you fold back in your chair. Martaré! Back! Finally! Or maybe you think "Never heard of it"? Maybe a seventies audio manufacturer? Well no. But there was music in the brand: The pleasantly characteristic hum of a VW boxer. And Martaré was a Dutch brand. More

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    Hustler (Six). By William Towns

    The call for classic kit cars has yielded the funniest results. After all, who would have come up with the idea of ​​the Hustler 6 even after an lavish beer consumption in the heat? British beer turns some people into foorball hooligans. But it can always be more exuberant. That this wondrous creation is the result More

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    What do we think about 'recreations'?

    Kit cars are fun. Replicas are terrible sometimes. Reproductions are impressive. But recreations? These are hand-built (almost) 100% recreations of classic cars from what is usually the top segment. They offer the charm and character of the originals combined with the reliability of 'a new' or a 'genuine'. The Porsche Speedsters and Spyders More

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    A lost FT Bonito.

    FT Bonito - Verkeerd Afgelopen† There has been an e-mail exchange for some time with someone who knows where to find an FT Bonito who has either been forgotten or has ended badly. In the pictures we see a FT that we had seen before. Back then he was in a better More

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    A VW Easter Bunny: the VW March Hare

    The Mach Hare… The March Hare. But not the one from Alice in Wonderland. This VW Easter Bunny is a kitcar from apparently the early 70s. We found it for sale a while ago through Hemmings. The asking price of $12500 has since been reduced. But it is and remains an Easter Bunny More

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    Inner beauty…

    About 30 Stimson Scorchers have been made. According to rumors, hard core kitcar enthusiasts are now paying a fortune (little) for it. More