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    Lada Niva. The Immortal Russian

    It belongs to a special category of cars, which basically were built in almost unchanged form for several decades. Rather, Togliatti is still building it. The cuddly terrain Russian has become a legend, and much loved as a classic. We are talking about the immortal Lada Niva. It will not be a technical story. It is More

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    Lada 1200, more than a Fiat 124

    There is nothing romantic about the creation of Lada. The Fiat 124 won the 1967 Car of the Year title. Meanwhile, the Soviets were looking for a family car that could be mass-produced locally in a yet-to-be-established city and then sold at a reasonable price, even in foreign markets. This car also had to be durable enough to withstand Soviet road conditions. And those Soviet conditions were… Well, picturesque. More

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    Get classics in Russia

    In the pleasant conversation with Steven Bosdijk about Yugos and Zastavas (and Urals and Dneprs) the difference between 'Moscow' and 'the rest of the world' came up. Steven knows what he's talking about. Moscow is a steaming metropolis where the newest, the largest and the fastest cars play their rodeo game. More

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    Zastava and Yugo. Undervalued and endearing

    Once upon a time there was a lot of catching up behind the Iron Curtain. This was carried out in the former Yugoslavia, in the part that is now called Serbia, by building 'western' cars under license. By building Fiats under license. And that all happened with Zastava. More

  • Russian classics - Moskvitch

    Back in the USSR: Russian classics

    You will find 'Russian' classic dealers when you search under, for example, 'Классический автомобиль на продажу' It mainly contains many classics that come from Germany and the Netherlands. But also Russian classics such as Moskvich, GAZ, ZIL, ZAZ, Scaldia, Zazphorojet, Lada and Pobjeba. For the western classics (and there's no watertight guarantee they'll be... More

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    Moskvitch Aleko, and the Lada Tavria

    Aleko or Simca? It should have been an easy case of 'copy/paste'. The Government had decided that a new, modern Russian car had to be produced. And decided that the Simca 1307 should be duplicated. Because there happened to be a minister who thought it was a nice, modern car. The approach was to replace existing Moskvitch More

  • Lada Niva

    Lada Niva. He just did it

    be bought. Stay whole. His man is in the field. He did it all and without fuss. And especially without luxury. Luxury? No, because that was not necessary for anything. Luxury was a pernicious pleasure for thoroughly spoiled Westerners who, due to a speed bump or hefty curb, were no longer in the midst of their strength. More

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    Column: No matter how in love I am with my big American sledges ... there are some non-American cars that I have a total weakness for. That is again due to the memories attached to it, I think. More

  • VAZ-2103 Porsche

    Styled by Porsche

    In 1976, Porsche and Volzhsky Avtomobilny Zavod (“Car Factory of the Volga”) also known as AvtoVAZ or VAZ - better known here as Lada - were best friends More

  • Lada on tracks

    Verkeerd afgelopen?

    Lada lovers will cry over it. But people who know how much superfluous dump material is floating around in the former CCCP and how harsh the weather can be there ... More