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  • Innocenti Lambretta scooter (1960)

    Innocenti Lambretta scooter (1960). Back to 'La dolce vita' 

    The owner of this Italian beauty did not buy the scooter with his wallet, but with his heart. He also had no plans to invest time in it, but to immediately award Quiryn restorations in the Westereen. If you first look at the condition in which it was purchased, you will probably be overcome by a feeling of despondency. You wonder whether the buyer has been sufficiently critical with the purchase and this wreck.  More

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    The NSU Lambretta, German or Italian?

    The NSU Lambretta, Germanic or Italian? After the Second World War, the battered society started again. And what benefits a recovering society? That is economic wind in the back and cheap motorized transport. At the once world-famous NSU, they thought un-German flex and the company managers decided that […] More

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    Lambretta shock absorbers

    Hagon Shocks have been a household name in the classic motorcycle world for years. No other brand has such a wide range in stereo and monoshock rear suspension, front fork springs and related products, while More