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    Minerva. The Cinderella among the Jeeps

    He is with friend Richard who 'does' Russian motorcycles. A Minerva Jeep. In all his open-mindedness, he was a bit in love with the trade-in and he thought, after having played with it for a while, he could easily lose him again. More

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    Universals. Passion for technology. And the future

    Recently we were in Zaandam for a job. Afterwards we passed a garage with a few classic cars behind glass on the first floor. We parked the car safely under a no-parking sign, mildly moved past some electric Randstad cars and entered Autovink, a real, classic universal garage […] More

  • Land Rover Series 1

    Land Rover Series 1

    Landrover, Land-Rover, Laro… What is in a name? After World War II, Rover tried to restart car production as soon as possible. One of the projects was the development of a British replacement for the American CJ-2 Jeep. In no time an all-terrain vehicle was designed with the same 2-inch wheelbase as a Jeep, but built from mainly British parts from or derived from pre-war Rover. passenger cars. This type became known only later as 'Land Rover Series 80', when the Series 1 appeared in 1958. More

  • Range Rover

    Range Rover 1.0

    England was at the cradle of the automotive world and has succumbed to the merciless laws of the 'reducing lead'. But wonderful things have been devised. Like a tough 4WD for men: the legendary Range Rover. There was a market for The history of the Range Rover began in the XNUMXs, […] More

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    Landrover Series One

    After the Second World War, Rover tried to restart car production as quickly as possible. One of the projects was the development of a British replacement for the American CJ-2 Jeep. In no time, an all-terrain vehicle was designed with the same 2-inch wheelbase as a Jeep, but built from mostly British parts […] More

  • Paris Motor Show

    50 year Jaguar XJ and 70 year Land Rover at the Paris Motor Show

    Jaguar Land Rover continues this year's festivities at the Paris Motor Show (2-14 October 2018). On the stand, Jaguar Land Rover will showcase legendary cars from the past, cutting-edge models of today and forward-thinking models of the future. There is a lot of attention for the Jaguar XJ, which fifty years ago – in the […] More

  • SUV

    SUVs, the birth of the sport utility vehicles

    In Den Beginne Sport utility vehicles. It's teeming with it. Also in Amsterdam's PC Hooftstraat where people are annoyed by SUVs that are not very 020 compatible. They have become lifestyle things. But what is such a thing anyway? And who was at the cradle of this phenomenon? […] More

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    The Toyota Land Cruiser in AMK number 11

    The Toyota Land Cruiser. According to Toyota fans, that would be the best Jeep-like Land Rover has never made. Before these kinds of vehicles became obese and decorated with luxury, they were tools, tools. They had to be able to function under the most minimalist conditions. And in the meantime, a Toyota Land Cruiser is (almost) […] More

  • Things worth knowing

    Things worth knowing

    As a classic enthusiast you must of course know what it is about and especially the special things. AMK will try to supplement your knowledge. With information.  Triumph Herald De Triumph Herald, for example. They were built from 1959 to 1971. As a 2-door, as a station wagon, 2-door coupe and 2-door convertible. And it came […] More

  • Defender

    Land Rover celebrates Defender's birthday

    On April 30, the Land Rover Defender celebrated its 69ᵉ birthday. The brand reflects on this with chocolate from a world-famous chocolate artist (after all, there is something to celebrate), but also with a book. The first Land Rover was presented on April 30, 1948, at the AutoRAI in Amsterdam. Yesterday celebrated the legendary […] More

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    Porsche big winner in National Classic Research 2017

    Recently we investigated how involved importers and manufacturers are in the classic world. Which brands care about their classics and which don't? One brand stood head and shoulders above the rest in the National Classic Research 2017: Porsche. Various international studies show that classics are big business. As it turned out, a […] More

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