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    Minerva. The Cinderella among the Jeeps

    He is with friend Richard who 'does' Russian motorcycles. A Minerva Jeep. In all his open-mindedness, he was a bit in love with the trade-in and he thought, after having played with it for a while, he could easily lose him again. More

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    Landrover Series One

    After World War II, Rover tried to restart car production as soon as possible. One of the projects involved was the development of a British replacement for the American CJ-2 Jeep. In no time at all, an all-terrain vehicle was designed with the same 2-inch wheelbase as a Jeep, but constructed from mostly British parts More

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    Homage: Last Land Rover Defender by Piet Boon

    In January 2016 Land Rover stopped production of the Defender model: 68 years after the first introduction at the AutoRAI in 1948. Land Rover thus said goodbye to an icon. Land Rover came up with a way to appropriately reflect on this moment. It also built a bridge More

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    The very last Defender has been built. An era has ended.

    The last Land Rover Defender has rolled off the production line at the Solihull factory. The year 2015 was already dominated by the departure of the Defender. It turned out that there was still so much demand for the car that the manufacturer had to postpone the discontinuation of the production line. Last week found it More