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    Minerva. The Cinderella among the Jeeps

    He is with friend Richard who 'does' Russian motorcycles. A Minerva Jeep. In all his open-mindedness, he was a bit in love with the trade-in and he thought, after having played with it for a while, he could easily lose him again. More

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    Landrover Series One

    After the Second World War, Rover tried to restart car production as quickly as possible. One of the projects was the development of a British replacement for the American CJ-2 Jeep. In no time, an all-terrain vehicle was designed with the same 2-inch wheelbase as a Jeep, but built from mostly British parts […] More

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    Homage: Last Land Rover Defender by Piet Boon

    Land Rover stopped production of the Defender model in January 2016: 68 years after its first introduction at the AutoRAI in 1948. Land Rover said goodbye to an icon. Land Rover came up with a way to appropriately reflect on this moment. It also built a bridge […] More