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    A BSA, a reenactment and… It was Theo's birthday - column

    Keymate Ernie and I were satisfied with Project 13C, which was in a mild state of decomposition, and opened a swing-top bottle of Grolsch when Theo and someone else entered the yard. Theo is a motorcyclist with twinkling eyes. He masters the painting of classic motorcycles to perfection, and on his own birthdays he likes to do a round on his unrestored BMW R69S. Because of the pleasantly experienced R69S, we knew that Theo was on his birthday excursion. That could be quite right at the beginning of April. Someone else was new to us. More

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    The difference between a Laverda

    That's not like the silly riddle: "What's the difference between a crocodile?" The answer to that is by the way: the greener, the more swimming. Good. A befriended specialist has two Laverda 750s. There is a significant difference between the two giants from Breganza, who are sometimes disrespectfully referred to as 'XXL CB72 Clones'. That is, by the way, right. More

  • Laverda 1000 3C

    Laverda 1000 3C. The Laverda three-cylinder

    As early as 1969, reports were 'leaked' to the press and sent about the Laverda three-cylinder. The machine itself was shown at the Milan motor show. Only from 1972/73 was the '1000' (980) cc Laverda 1000 3C actually available. Completely according to Italian tradition, the fat Laverda had been presented years earlier, but Italians tend to feel the deepest silence after the most exuberant introductions. More

  • Laverda 750 SFC

    Laverda 750 SFC. The fake press are fun too

    You come across them on a regular basis. And Italo technician Oebeles Herder also found another one. As it should be: in a shed and covered in dust. Sometimes we get the idea that Groningen is still full of them. So a Laverda SFC. But then a replica, look-a-like or fake. That kind More

  • Laveda 500

    Laverda 500. That was not a success

    Laverda 500 (1977-1981). We always look at the past through colored glasses. And our frame of reference also rattles sometimes. But a few things are clear: The once-successful Laverda 750s are larger-than-life copies of the Honda CB72/77, commissioned by the Berliner Brothers. And More

  • Laverda RGS - 1
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    Laverda RGS: The less fortunate letter combination

    The Laverda RGS: Laverda's step into the future And that such a step does not necessarily have to be a success? The 1000 cc Laverda RGS proves that. This descendant of the now legendary Laverda three-cylinder family was not a top seller. For Laverdisti, the RGS was too little Laverda. For other motorcyclists he stayed More

  • Honda C110

    The Honda C110 and - 114, the sporty little ones from Honda

    The Honda Super Cub has been in continuous production since 1958 and 100 million have been built worldwide. This makes the Super Cub the world's most built motorized two-wheeler. But the C110 and the C114 were nicer But the market asked for something less serious Something sportier. That's why Honda came up with More

  • Honda CB

    The Honda CB 77, Laverda's example

    Being imitated by Italians: There is no greater compliment The big Laverda twins are legendary. Rightly so. Rarely has a machine come from Italy that was so beautiful and of such high quality. The Italians were quite responsible for the looks themselves. That was a kind of national obligation. But the technique? That More

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    A Laverda poster

    A Laverda poster At the fair there was an exhibitor with a very nice Laverda factory poster. A glassy, ​​dreamy-looking man stood in front of it. He almost drooled with adoration. There was something grumpy about the man, usually referred to as 'the woman'. Contrary to- and with all due respect to all members of the More

  • A Laverda with glitter.

    A Laverda with glitter. Verkeerd afgelopen?

    A Laverda with glitter. Is that possible? Laverda enthusiasts tend to be a much less factory-focused species than BMW enthusiasts. But apparently they also have their limits. And that while the bling-bling Italian that we found at the very back of Gallery Aaldering is at least completely 'original'. Because in his time More

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    The Retro Classics: Laverdas in Stuttgart

    The Retro Classics in – not the Arnhem 'Loods 8', but in 'Halle 8' of the Stuttgarter Messe shows 40-50 unique Laverdas that are commented by Piero Laverda himself. What more could a Laverdist wish for? Of course the Laverda V6 is also there! There is also an exhibition of the bus manufacturer More

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    August number Auto Motor Klassiek

    Subscribers with a benevolent postal worker already have it on the bus today, if you buy it in the store, you have to wait a little longer. The new issue, August 2014, will be available in stores from Tuesday. And we have again done our best to create a beautiful, varied song with something for every classic fan. More

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