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  • Citroën BX 4TC a huge gamble

    Citroën BX 4TC a huge gamble

    The BX-XL with a substantial power and nose. Unfortunately, he never really came out of the paint, and certainly not from the showroom, this one Citroën BX 4TC. This rally version of the normal BX was also equipped with the formidable hydropneumatic suspension system. A brilliant idea, it seemed, but where the system More

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    Classics and dogs from the shelter

    The first Citroen My Lief's BX was a fluke. I bought them on the day of her riding. Our dogs usually do not come from the 'dealer' either. The last three have an asylum history. And for the people who are now muttering: “But with a shelter dog you don't know anything about its past”. think More

  • Citroën BX front

    Citroën BX

    Citroëns entry-level middle class with a virgin 24.000 kilometers Citroën BX Nix He seems derogatory, the headline above this article, but so is the base BX in Citroëncircles are always indicated. In the frugal Netherlands, this absolute scraper version was in great demand, tactically offered just under twenty grand. Such a copy has been preserved in fabulously beautiful condition and that More

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    Citroën BX (1982-1994). Hydraulique for a good price

    Because there is an internal company here Citroën BX enthusiast / v rides we have previously given attention to these 'hydrauliques'. And of course also because a good BX is a fantastically comfortable, stylish car. Intended for another Her first Citroën BX was bought from a garage owner who had actually intended the car for his wife More

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    Citroën BX oldtimer

    Traveling through the French country we suddenly see him, one Citroën BX! Even in France nowadays not much to see in daily traffic. There the 'scrapping scheme' More