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    Exhausts on classics

    Factory exhaust systems were never built for eternity. They must ensure optimal power delivery and maximum noise reduction during their lifetime. And that the interpretation of that value has often been interpreted differently over the years? So be it. More

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    Exhaust systems. Quality comes at a price

    Exhaust gases leave the engine under high pressure and expand enormously immediately after leaving the combustion chambers. The explosion of the gas mixture and the expansion of the exhaust gases leaving the block create the noise, the sound or the 'sound'. The most common intention is to reduce this noise to something that children and dogs do not flee from. More

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    Two strokes: Power from the exhaust

    Dream away from an exhaust system. How romantic can it get? Although: you are talking about a piece of traditional craftsmanship with a very serious batch of calculations behind it. About a sculpture in perfectly modeled, spotlessly welded thin-walled plate. About one of the most important parts of a two-stroke engine where the interplay of the exhaust elbow and the expansion chamber perform the actual function of the intake and exhaust valves in a four-stroke. More

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    Side covers and exhausts, that's a thing

    In the old days, when only British, American and German motorcycles were restored, life was simple. First, the standards were a bit lower. Very neatly used stuff? That was good enough. Tanks and sheet metal were sturdy and made of steel. That was always up to date. Because the craft skills of […] More

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    Oldskool tuning is a craft

    Old school tuning. Nowadays, with some chip tuning, you can easily add thirty horsepower. yay! It used to be different. The tuning, the 'tuning', with filing and milling worked on the breathing and the adjustment of a set of double Webers was not yet done from a keyboard. Improving that breathing we called it […] More

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    Open exhausts

    “Loud pipes save lives” That was a kind of cry from Harley riders of the past. The life-saving idea was nice, but 'open exhausts' were mainly things that at least suggested power and speed. It is important for the breathing of the engine that as much fresh […] More

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    Enamel exhausts

    Wervershoof? Never heard of it? Perhaps if you are a fan of older Moto Guzzis. Because that's the brand that Nesville specializes in. However, we found something that 'goes across the brands': enameled mufflers. At a time when chrome plating is almost unaffordable, enameling may be an option. Especially because […] More