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    Import old-timer from Europe or outside Europe

    It is a dream for many classic car enthusiasts to own their own classic car. The best is of course a 'hand-picked' specimen. You can score that during a holiday 'in the wild'. But nowadays there are also reliable auction sites where the purchase can be made online, after which you naturally want to import a classic car. More

  • Green plates

    Green plates

    Arnaud Monsma has started a new hobby which he calls ”Networking in nostalgia”. He is gripped by the detective virus and his search goes to almost disappeared automobile remains in old barns, in the attics of retired entrepreneurs and collectors. His experience already is that many special cases arise, sometimes in More

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    Back to then

    Back to the days… 'Back then' motorcycles had rigid rear frames and the suspension was in the rider's back and kidneys. 'Then' there was a clever manufacturer that offered rear frame parts with plunger suspension. That was a success. The RDW and the rules Now the story is round again and there are people who More

  • The license plate counter, RDW

    The license plate counter

    Every year in the Netherlands about 1.000.000 used passenger cars – and this includes our classics – and about 125.000 motorcycles with experience legally change hands. And then we are talking about transactions between private individuals. This transfer can of course be made at one of the PostNL branches located in supermarkets. There is More

  • Volvo_122S_Interior

    Tracing requested: The EU-15-53.

    Reader Maarten Hoekstra is looking for his father's car:

    It was a gray / blue Volvo 122S, Amazone, 4-door with red faux leather upholstery with many small holes in it. The most important thing is of course the number plate. That was EU-15-53. My father was the first owner and sold the car I think in 1975, but it could also have been a year earlier, but certainly not later, because they then went abroad. More

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    Suspensions - better plan?

    On the island it costs nothing, in the Netherlands you have to pay a lot for it every year. Since the introduction in 1988, various agencies have been busy convincing the government there that annual repeating is a bastard thing. More