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    Auto Motor Klassiek less accessible

    Due to carrier network issues, Auto Motor Klassiek not available by phone at this time. If you would like to reach us, you can do so by email ( or by using the contact form below. Sorry for the inconvenience. More

  • What is a real one? What happened / happens with Bugatti's, Bentleys and Laverda SFCs, also applies to the Porsche 914 six-cylinder engine. There are replicas on the market. A replica can make someone very happy. But if that replica is sold as a 'Real' one, then it will twist in the cost / benefit picture. Always consult an expert for checking the engine, chassis and chassis numbers plus the specifications. The original blocks have numbers that are very tight around the 6400001-6420270. That number is (in contrast to the 911s) on top of the block near the house of the crankcase vent. The six-cylinder engine has a dry sump lubrication system. The oil is therefore not in the crankcase, but in an oil tank. It is located on the left in the engine compartment, between the inside and outside screen. The cladding of the cooling had to be adjusted to fit into the engine compartment of the 914. Because the carburetors take up too much space, there is no 'rain drip screen' in the hood. As a result, it is a bit lighter and therefore lighter bonnet springs could be used. That is loving thought in the details. The transmission of the 914 / 6 is a modified 901 version. That is quite rare, and not optimal. This type of baking didn't switch so well. A few 914 / sixes have been made with Sportomatic containers. The Zessen had five bolt hubs and most were sold with the optional Fuchs rims. Our fashion model also has such a rim in the spare tire. That is stylish and saves a lot of hassle with different fitting bolts. Mahle rims could also be chosen. The body of the 914 / 6 had an engine mount welded to the bulkhead. The four-cylinder engine has two engine mounts on either side of the block. The six-cylinder has a different steering column, steering wheel and a different ignition switch (on the dashboard instead of on the steering column). The windscreen washer was equipped with an electric pump instead of operating on the pressure of the spare tire. The tachometer of the six-cylinder continues up to 8.000 rpm. The speedometer height display is 250 km-u. The temperature meter and the tank content display are combined. The -6ssen had a manual gas supply for the poker. According to rumors, the jack of an 914 / 6 would also be different.

    Three important maintenance products for your classic car

    Your oldtimer is a precious possession and of course you want to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible. Maintenance is very important to keep a classic car in good condition. That actually applies to any type of car. Just think of changing the oil, where you have to make sure you buy the right oil, such as 5w40 oil or another version. The maintenance of old-timers relates to all kinds of matters, three of which are maintenance products discussed here. More

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    You want to know this about importing a classic

    Have you seen your favorite classic abroad? Then you have probably considered importing it to the Netherlands. Importing a classic car from abroad is very interesting if the car meets a number of conditions. For example, do you have to calculate the bpm? What exemptions do you have? We'll tell you more about it in this article.  More

  • Invest in a classic

    Invest in a classic

    A classic car can be an excellent investment. As an enthusiast and collector you also enjoy it a lot. There is a big difference between old and gold. Exclusive cars in particular have been increasing in value in recent years, some brands and models of which are faster than others. This has to do with the condition, exclusivity and age of the car. More

  • Maintenance classic

    Maintenance of your classic

    Classic cars sometimes need a little special attention. With good and regular maintenance you ensure a longer lifespan, less wear and tear, higher reliability and lower costs. Have the brakes checked, the filters inspected and the tires and oil level checked regularly so that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises. More