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    … And the Art of Motorcycle Maintanance

    Making messages online is topical work. In the production of the monthly magazine Auto Motor Klassiek there is much more rest and planning. And that would be even more relaxed if online readers would subscribe. Because the monthly magazine is still the cork we float on. The daily online news costs nothing. And such a […] More

  • Garage Vingerling

    From the old box: Garage Vingerling

    Nowadays, a dealer receives from the importer exactly what his business should look like – of course at a high-profile location or industrial site – what the lighting should be like, what software updates he should purchase. What he has to sell in cars (or motorcycles) in the current year and what kind of garage related things like […] More

  • Imago

    Image and maintenance

    Got some stuff in Arnhem. I come over. There are two tattooed beards that together are as old as I am alone with my - yet classic - work donkey. They take pictures and are very excited. Because I am not dressed as a motorcyclist or biker, I can go to them unnoticed […] More

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    Kilometers don't say everything

    Kilometers are not everything. So the mileage suggestions regarding changing or changing fluids and/or parts don't do that either. And there we come to a thing about our classics Because they stand more than they drive. And so an acquaintance passed by a bit grumpy. He […] More

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    Autumn time: battery hug time

    Autumn time: battery cuddle time. The season is just coming to an end. And it was a great classic season! Now every ride can be the last ride of the season. And then what happens again and again happens: with the idea that there will be one more top day, the classic is put down and… Autumn […] More

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    Until the end of the last century, a car or motorcycle had to be 'run in'. This meant that the owner of the new vehicle had to handle it with care. Do not demand top performance from the machine, no high speeds, but above all not too low. The mechanical parts had to catch up with each other. […] More

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    White sludge oil

    This is called 'Sludge' in technical language. No panic, that does not necessarily mean that the head gasket (from a water-cooled engine) has left, that a crack has occurred in the cylinder head or that 'water' is added to the oil in some other way. More

  • Coolant or antifreeze?

    Antifreeze or coolant in classics?

    There is a difference between coolant and antifreeze. Antifreeze is an agent that only lowers the temperature at which the water / liquid starts to freeze. It can therefore also be used for windshield wiper fluid, for example.

    Coolant is the fluid that provides more than just cooling in the cooling system of an internal combustion engine. More

  • defect bearing

    Bearings, the forgotten toilers

    Roller bearings are stumpers that work in the dark. The roller bearings that have learned more by doing so may be sheltered in a nice greasy warmth, but the asylum seekers among the bearings are having a hard time. They live in the outposts of technology. More

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