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    Mercedes Benz S123. The first station wagon developed by Mercedes-Benz

    In 1977 the world became acquainted with the station wagon variant of the W123: the Mercedes-Benz S123. The T-model will be made public at the IAA in Frankfurt. Like the W123 sedan, the presentation of the 'Mercedes-T' unleashes high demand, leading to long delivery times. Production starts in Bremen in 1978. It is the beginning of an era in which no one at Mercedes-Benz is in any doubt about the importance of a Combi variant within the model range. Read more

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    Mercedes Benz 280 SE 3.5 Coupe W111

    Special coupes and convertibles have developed throughout the history of Mercedes-Benz as a constant within the history of Das Haus. For more than 10 years, the Baureihe W111 was the ideal basis for the Opera Coupé, which saw the light of day in 1961 and was built until 1971. Read more

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    Mercedes-Benz W123

    From 22 to 28 January 1976 Mercedes-Benz showed its long-awaited new offshoot, the Mercedes-Benz W123. Under the southern French sun, the new Stuttgarter trump card in the upper middle class was shown to the trade press on the Paul Ricard circuit. The introduction marked the start of a successful episode in the history of Mercedes-Benz 40 years ago. The media are very enthusiastic and this favorable call is not without consequences.  Read more

  • Mercedes Benz 240D (1975)

    Mercedes-Benz 240D (1975). Love for the 'star'.

    In love with a car? That makes no sense, isn't it? You can't feel that weird tension of falling in love with a classic car, can you? Friends and acquaintances of Bote van der Schaaf used to quietly wonder about this much more often. Previously owned two Mercedes-Benz type 180 (bowler hats), which later - after the sale - came to regret. He no longer wants to experience that feeling in his classic car hobby. He knows better now. After purchasing this Mercedes-Benz 240D, that feeling of pride… and love came again.  Read more

  • Mercedes-Benz V8

    Mercedes-Benz V8

    Twelve cylinders are for exotics. But V8 engines are the standard when it comes to Groot & Sterk. Mercdes-Benz has of course become famous for the indestructible and tractor slow 200D models. But those were taxis and cars for the better kind of representatives. Mercedes showed its muscles with the Mercedes-Benz V8. Read more

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