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    Fireplaces and BBQs more polluting than cars auto

    What is the influence of passenger car traffic on air quality in the Netherlands? The KNAC has been asking this question since the introduction of the first environmental zones in 2007 and the reduction of the maximum speed to 100 km/h in 2020. KNAC director Peter Staal lacks a good numerical substantiation that justifies all anti-car measures. Read more

  • Everything has to be chromed

    With the stuff to the chrome

    The shiny final piece of many restorations is the chrome work. Rusty chrome usually manifests itself as a large number of brown dots in the chrome work. It is not the chrome that rusts, but the steel under the (porous) chrome layer. Rust expands and then breaks through the chrome layer. We're going to talk about chrome plating. Read more

  • just ride those classics! Throughout the year. Fun and sustainable

    The quarterly arrangement and sustainability

    The very, very most of us drive classic because we just like it more. The really thin, used cooking oil burning classic diesel drivers, they have never received understanding or appreciation within our circle. That a Company Car is a hybrid petrol and cheating software hypocrite with the lines of a puffy suppository and bins Read more

  • Truck, China

    A few examples ...

    An overhyper correct acquaintance, just the wrong conversation partner at a birthday or reception. Hybrid drivers with an abundance of Chinese solar panels on their roof on the visible side of their house. Leftists who tell you with some superior disapproval in their voices that your passion, our passion is not justified. In terms of environment. you can do them Read more

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    Environment zone Utrecht symbolic of local politics in the Netherlands

    The city council in Utrecht has approved an environmental zone for freight traffic. This means that older trucks and delivery vans will be banned from the city center from now on. RTV Utrecht did report that an exemption is possible for local entrepreneurs. In the same council meeting it was decided to give the KNAC more time to sign the required 2.698 signatures Read more