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Citroën ds 23 pallas restoration

Citroën DS 23 Pallas restoration

Jan Naaijkens no longer turns a blind eye to restoring a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. In the meantime, there was that dormant desire to have one again someday Citroën DS, without the experienced professional being deterred…

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Mini 1275 GT. British Leylands' successor to the Cooper S

Mini 1275 GT. British Leylands' successor to the Cooper S

At the end of the sixties, the builders of the Mini Cooper and the Cooper S could look back on a successful period. The peppery Mini Cooper S surprised friend and foe in the 20s by winning the Monte Carlo Rally three times officially and once unofficially. Two successful generations of the Cooper were followed by the ADO 1275 variant of the sportsman. The Mark III made its appearance in that year. He was joined by his successor, the Mini XNUMX GT.

Mini Cooper and the magical Cooper S

When the Austin Seven and Morris Mini Minor saw the light of day in 1959, designer Alec Issigonis could not have imagined: The little Mini would form the basis for a car that surprised everyone and everything in international rallies: The Mini Cooper S.It became the most appealing Mini version during the 41 year that the Classic Mini was built.
Austin Mini Cooper S copy

Austin Mini Cooper S (1977) look-alike 

Stefan Schoof's 'pride' started his car life as a Mini 1100 special. Through effort, enthusiasm and dedication, he turned it into a 'look a like' Mini Cooper S. Stefan was a fan of English cars from a very young age, so no episode of the comedy series by Mr. Bean, in which the Mini played a leading role.