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    Moto Guzzi V50 NATO. Dutch Hope in Scared Days

    Willy van Gent was an importer and entrepreneur. He had vision. He thought he could give his company a fantastic boost and foundation by selling Moto Guzzi's to the Dutch government. In Italy, was the government also the cork on which the parent company floated? You don't want to know how much lobbying, scheming, conferencing and ladies of easy virtue have invested in it. But the bullet went through the church and the Royal Army was going to drive Guzzi. Read more

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    Old? To experience!

    And I'm not talking about our motorcycles. We as classic enthusiasts are now so experienced that, when you see a forties at a fair, he probably came with his parents. Within our own circles we see some youth who is also grabbed by old stuff.  Read more

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    Column - brand love and relationship loyalty

    I've known Marc for a long time. And as long as I know him, he drives BMW. When that came up a few times ago, his sincere response was: “What else should I do?” After disappointing experiences with his last two modern BMWs, he has again bought a two-valve boxer. A very nice RS100. “The other two weren't actually Read more

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    Moto Guzzi and the great crooked thinking

    After driving around on old 'big' Moto Guzzi's for about a quarter of a century, a V65C was recently purchased. Nowadays I drive a maximum of about 10D kilometers, and that is also possible with less than 1000 cc. Moto Guzzi: a matter of weight It is not inconvenient that such a small Guzzi is really much smaller Read more

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    Moto Guzzi light

    Moto Guzzi. mandello. Thick, extremely reliable, tough V twins of usually between 700 and almost 1000 cc. That's how we know our classic Guzzi's. Yes! But for Moto Guzzi, more was needed to be able to continue to pay for the pasta. After all, it has always been the case worldwide that the smaller displacements for Read more

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    Moto Guzzi DIY, Jan's Guzzi

    The Koning DIY-Building Days of Motoport Hengelo have restored an old tradition: Making your own motorcycle is a party. That party used to be a bit easier to celebrate because the RDW was then still rummaging around in twilight zones and because traditional craftsmanship was not as scarce as it is now. Read more

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    Theft and justice

    Visiting a client in the center of Antwerp? That's what you get the engine for. And my V7 was ready for a long ride. I rarely, if ever, lock my motorcycles. And if there's a rear-view mirror on it, I'll stick my helmet on that. I put Read more

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    My work Guzzi: Classic or just old?

    Whole wars have been waged over what is 'classic'. The most official description is 'older than 25 years'. And that's actually weird. Because a quarter of a century is not so old for motorcycles. Certainly because the motorcycles of a quarter of a century plus a bit are usually not as work easels, but as 'fun' things Read more

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    Jan's Moto Guzzi: Classic or not?

    Jan Keijzer is a genetic engineer and Moto Guzzi enthusiast. This can lead to very nice results if you combine the possibilities of Guzzie's building set system with all the metalworking skills and a talent for electronics. Wammes recognizes Moto Guzzi's Last Sunday the dog started enthusiastically when hearing a friendly approaching Read more

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