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    Exemption from MRB options

    Rejected motions offer new possibilities in MRB exemption issues

    It didn't come as a surprise. The Lower House recently rejected two motions by Farshad Bashir. These motions included a relaxed transitional arrangement for "the old car". Farshad Bashir was disappointed that the motions coincided with the headache-causing Bulgarian file. The Hague - and with it State Secretary Weekers - did have something else in mind. More

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    Motor vehicle tax exemption (MRB)

    Our mission: unconditional retention of the motor vehicle tax exemption (MRB) scheme as we know it up to now.

    The approach: trust. After all, a government must be reliable. Changing a rule repeatedly over a period of a few years without urgent necessity does not inspire confidence in citizens. More

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    Our idea about the MRB exemption

    Nothing at all. Once created to protect Dutch Heritage against a new form of road tax, the ownership tax was added to an unexpected benefit. A complete flourishing industry was formed around it. One in which tens of billions of euros are converted nowadays. And therefore billions of euros in tax are paid over, employing thousands of employees. We do not only think of dealers, workshops and suppliers of parts and accessories. But how many sidetracks are there, companies that supply to the above-mentioned companies, event organizers, catering for those events and, most importantly, charities that benefit from it, import and export. An industry that has proven to be crisis-resistant in 2008. I dare not say that we have helped the Netherlands through the crisis, but we have certainly contributed. However, an industry that is largely destroyed by the current plans, if they go ahead. More

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    On the barricades for the old-timer owner

    1 May the second chamber will make a definitive proposal about the MRB exemption for old-timers. We all know that it does not look good for us vintage car owners. Unfortunately, the State Secretary turns out to be 'deaf' to all arguments and wants to rake the intended 156 million euros at all costs, which he has put on the budget without thinking. More

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    Our proposal about the Motor Vehicle Tax for Old-Timers

    We think that with many owners there is a willingness to pay, as long as it is fair. A changing number plate would be a good solution. Just like there is for garages and dealers, where there is a set per license plate and a license plate is paid for. More license plates, more money. A number of fixed rates apply. One for cars, no matter what weight and one for motorcycles, perhaps even according to Minister Weekers' proposal a quarterly rate, based on an average car or motorcycle More

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    Old-timers yet MRB exemption?

    For example, we just read on colleague Autoweek's website that it might not be so bad and the old-timers remain exempt from MRB, also under the new cabinet. For example, sources on Finance confirmed to the magazine. As we understood, the newly appointed State Secretary for Finance Frans Weekers, himself a classic enthusiast and owner of a Peugeot 504, wants to spare the old-timer enthusiasts. More

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    KNAC petition for MRB exemption a great success

    The petition that the KNAC put online (, created less than a day after the offending rule in the coalition agreement became known, is a huge success. 'The exemption in the motor vehicle tax for old-timers will be abolished for environmental reasons.' Well, the Netherlands certainly disagrees. The petition was signed more than 55.000 times, thanks in part to the huge lobby of enthusiasts who shared the link to their heart's content on their web pages, Facebook accounts and Twitter account, but also reported it to the members in their newsletters. For which of course our thanks. All sorts of other campaigns that were organized in the Netherlands, including a survey by the Telegraaf in 'Wat u Say', left nothing to be desired: the Netherlands is voting en masse in favor of the exemption motor vehicle tax for old-timer enthusiasts. More

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    Exemption Motor vehicle tax part 2

    The FEHAC too - logically - has since spoken out against the lifting of the Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption, relying on the results of the independent investigation they had carried out by TNO on the environmental impact of old-timers. More

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    Changes in the Motor Vehicle Tax

    Although it does not come as a complete surprise, the bullet seems to have gone through the church from today: the exemption from the Motor Vehicle Tax, or motor vehicle tax for cars of thirty years and older, is - again - at risk. There will be changes, according to the first sounds from the fresh coalition agreement between the VVD and PvdA More

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