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    An online movie column

    It is again to get on the bike well dressed. The current correct motorcyclists also do this at temperatures above 30 degrees. They also generally find motorcycles too noisy. Obey traffic laws. And drink spring water from the right brands. Fine. More

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    Waterproof motorcycle clothing

    Motorcycle clothing is something that has evolved more in the past fifty years than man has from his Neanderthal age. Until the XNUMXs a long leather jacket – when 'leather' was really 'leather' and oversized leather mittens were still top of the bill. Because leather wasn't waterproof – 'leather' now is'- More

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    Protective motorcycle clothing

    And the GVD, “The Great Security Thinking”. Because fear rules. Let's look at the matter from a man's point of view. So motorcycle clothing. And protection. Imagine the run-up to a passionate encounter with your dream woman. You check in your digital agenda in which moment of her cycle she is. More

  • Cheaper: Carl and Linda, Romania Bulgaria camping

    But it can always be cheaper ...

    In the news item about the motorcycle fair in Utrecht, we tipped off that there is a lot of cheap motorcycle clothing to be found there. But everything can always be cheaper. This travel photo from the former Eastern Bloc proves this, near the place where two Dutch acquaintances want to start a motorcycle campsite. Maybe you'll see them again More

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    Protective clothing

    Protective clothing for motorcycles Lately, that was mainly rain gear… But protective clothing also makes sense at summer temperatures. Especially for riders of classic motorcycles. The current trend among motorcyclists to stay fully in 30% proof protective clothing including a fluorescent vest, even at temperatures above 100 degrees, is too bad More