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  • Hardenberg

    Hardenberg at Easter

    Hardenberg at Easter Hardenberg, the fair organized by motorcycle club 'de Gasschhoeve', is an institution in the east of the country. What once started as an endearing club idea is now a smoothly running operation that has retained its regional character despite all the digital media. Hardenberg, the fair of the east That the […] More

  • Hardenberg 2.0. Now even closer to Germany

    Hardenberg 2.0. With a surprising amount of car stuff

    Hardenberg is known for the motorcycle fair that motorcycle club De Gasschhoeve organizes there twice a year. And that fair was last weekend for the first time at a location other than the familiar riding school. More space, more offer, more public Lots of moped stuff and lots of new tools. Those were the least interesting items in Hardenberg […] More

  • in

    Sanglas at the motorcycle fair or not?

    To the motorcycle fair or not? This weekend it is again the official opening of the motorcycle season in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. And whether we as classic enthusiasts have something to look for there? The classics of tomorrow? Modern motorcycles can only be estimated in terms of 'the classics of tomorrow'. That will make it […] More

  • Hardeveld, last weekend

    The Hardenberg motorcycle fair last weekend

    The motorcycle fair Hardenberg, last weekend. It's quite a ride for people from the west. You see – and hear – them very little. But the last motorcycle fair in Hardenberg was again a success. In terms of offer, there were a lot of mopeds and moped gear this time, but that changes each time. Happy […] More

  • Hardenberg motorcycle fair

    Saturday: Hardenberg Motor Fair!

    Motorcycle fair Hardenberg. A regionally world-famous classic motorcycle fair that is structurally too far away for many Westerners. And that is understandable: Even for people from the east of the country, Hardenberg is still a nasty distance further east. For many German exhibitors and visitors, however, it is a stone's throw from their […] More

  • Rosmalen, motorbike fair, parts @ parts

    Rosmalen. So this weekend. To do!

    On January 16 and 17, the Oldtimer Fair for Motorcycles, Mopeds and Bicycles will take place in Autotron Rosmalen. At the same time, Europe's largest airbrush show is also held with a record participation of more than 65 artists. Of course you can go for the art, but Rosmalen is also still one of the largest sites of […] More

  • hardenberg

    Hardenberg was great again!

    Because Hardenberg is about 200 kilometers away from the Randstad, it remains a party for Easterners, including Germans.

    In bad weather, that 400 kilometer up and down is not an option. Also because the outside area and the parking meadows then change into swampy marshes.

    But with good weather, after a look at the rain radar? Then the long journey can also lead to a peak experience for Randstad residents. More

  • Classic, Utrecht, Motor Fair

    Next year to Utrecht?

    There are also classics at the Utrecht Motor Fair. So go next year to the Motor Fair in Utrecht. On the closing day. Then you can bid in the hope that the selling party wants to avoid the sadness of packing and recharging again. More

  • Autotron1

    The Autotron, last weekend

    Of course there is still a lot of Kreidler and Zündapp stuff in the Autotron in Rosmalen. But fortunately also many motorcycle parts and the always exciting 'bins with roughly sorted' stuff. More

  • Hardenberg

    Unexpected finds in Hardenberg

    Perhaps it would be worthwhile to make the long journey to the inhospitable areas in the east: The offer at the Gasschoeve motorcycle club in Hardenberg last Saturday was broader than ever. More

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