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  • Superbikes: also nostalgic

    Superbikes: also nostalgic

    It was a hop, skip and a jump: arranging something with regard to the import of tractors from Ukraine, nightly inter-European transports via the company with the beautiful name , its own coffee brand and superbikes. Old superbikes, to be exact. Because where today we can buy motorcycles with more than 200 horsepower and almost as much […] More

  • Norton command mk iii. now in auto motor klassiek.

    Norton Commando Mk III

    Guy never thought he would meet his childhood sweetheart on two wheels again. It was 1975 when he bought his first Norton Commando 850 fresh from the showroom. The motorcycle was not only a reward for completing his studies, but also a symbol of freedom and adventure. His father, […] More

  • So brush...
    in ,

    So brush…

    Op alfaIn a logical order, Adrie te Veldhuis, Bas Genesse and Ben van Eerdt are genetic cleaners. Their motorcycles always look showroom fresh and competition ready. Of course they each use their 'own' brands and types of polishes, but their main tools are time and attention. My feeling towards those cleaners, who also […] More

  • September issue is now on newsstands

    The new edition of Auto Motor Klassiek: now on newsstands!

    Our latest edition Auto Motor Klassiek has been in stores since yesterday. As always, we've done our best to put together a diverse and engaging array of stories and articles that will appeal to both the seasoned connoisseur and the curious novice. Here's a taste of what you can get in […] More

  • Suzuki t500. from superbike to kilo banger

    Suzuki T500. From superbike to kilo banger

    BV NIMAG started in 1964 with the import of Suzuki motorcycles in the Netherlands. That turned out to be a bull's eye, because in 1972 Suzuki was the best-selling motorcycle brand in our country after Honda. The patriarch of the T(itan) 500 was the Suzuki Cobra, the T500 point 1. And the 500/FIVE was there again […] More

  • Triumph Trident

    Triumph trident. What's in a name?

    A trident. A spear with a personality disorder. Or cutlery for a lover of five pound steaks. And traditionally the weapon from the PSU of Poseidon, a God from the time when people still believed in Gods. And the unimaginative ones. But dramatically charged type name for three-cylinder combustion engines. The Triumph So trident. More

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    The market, the split

    There is one thing that binds us right now: our surprise at the classic prizes. We read what they brought in at the international auction houses. And at Chasing Classic Cars we see how double thick glossy painted cars and some engines go to… Bored rich men and cold investors for hair-raising prices. More

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    Hurry, hassle and Sunday mornings - column

    It's after 22.00am and in after XNUMXpm. My phone is pinging its classic ring tone. It is a media expert that asks how long I can hold my stomach and whether I will be free for a photo session on Sunday morning - and maybe a bit of the afternoon. A photo session on some new motorcycle. More

  • Motobecane Z54C Motoconfort U54C

    Motobécane Z54C (1954). Prize winner of Jan-Gerrit Sprietsma. 

    In a chilling way, the rust had struck this French 125 cc engine and it would have meant the end of the once beautiful two-wheeler. Was escape possible? Yes, if you look at the pictures now, you will have the answer right away. All credit for the current state goes to Wim. M. Daalhuizen, a perfectionist who succeeded in the rescue operation.  More

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    Collect… And sell - column

    Villager Titia told me while dog walking that her son had bought a motorcycle. A Moto Guzzi. With a man under the rivers. And that man had many more motorcycles. Sheds full. More

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    Biker at the bakery

    Here it is all still not too bad with the Coronakriebels. And in the morning at the bakery there is now a fairly stable group of people on the sidewalk waiting for their turn. Nice in the sun. So, like in the Randstad, we don't fall into a dead silence. But we'll talk until… “Oops! I can go in. ” More

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