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    Exit Turf column

    "Hi. It's just to report that Turf is dead." That call was not entirely unexpected. Because Turf had lived under the motto "You have to ravage life". Today, a young Turfje would have been an interesting 'case' for a few dozen psychologists, counselors and beavers. They could then have analyzed and labeled him jubilantly. Because with a little good will, Turf was good for all oddities from AHD to something that started with a 'z'. More

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    My mother doesn't let me do that - column

    When I walked to my motorcycle with the groceries in the backpack, I saw a boy standing there. As a classic driver you are never without a claim. The boy of about twenty I thought was so friendly and after some casual comments back and forth I asked him if he was also a motorcyclist. He wasn't. He wanted to. But his mother was not allowed to. He thought motorcycling was too dangerous. More

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    Motorcycling and Adventure - column

    The motorcyclist who sat on the terrace said: “I have been motorcycling for a year now. But I still haven't experienced anything. ” I looked at his shiny bike and his neat motorcycle outfit. I looked at my motorcycle that most people only think "What an old thing" and thought it was just fresh driving in my T-shirt and sandals. But the farmer's omelet on my plate did his best to make me happy again. More

  • Code orange? Code yellow!

    Code orange? Code yellow!

    'Code orange' here is called 'Code Red' in Germany. But here XS 650 enthusiast Fried Anepool invented his own 'Code Yellow'. Driving four seasons Fried drives through all seasons. And he won't let the loinwater lukewarm with the blanket of fear that was rolled over our land when the More

  • motorcycling in the winter

    Motorcycling in the winter

    Motorcycling in the winter: That's not cool, it can just add a dimension to your passion. In terms of temperature, it is also doable with today's motorcycle clothing and the fact that you can also ride a 12V classic with electrically heated gloves. Delicious on the road in winter in winter More

  • Sunday evening in the snow

    Motorcycling in the snow

    Hoera. It is winter. That was it last Sunday, and now also a bit (From: Men, motorcycles and (some) girls) It's cold, wet dark. There is a storm and wet blobs of snow are falling. My high-beam headlights poke reproachfully into the white gunk. It is a quarter to eleven as in '22.45:XNUMX pm'. I More

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    Take a time trip

    This coastal road between Rijeka and Dubrovnik has sloping curves and fantastic views of the coast. But the rest of the country also offers a particularly wide range of roads that are ideal for motorcyclists. More

  • kittens, motorcycle, kittens

    Spring has already begun ...

    Oh yeah; in terms of cat love, consider what your reaction is if you discover after the winter, which is undoubtedly still to come, that your cat or that of the neighbors have used your buddy seat as a scratching post.

    So lay an old, sturdy blanket over your motorcycle. Or head a real motorcycle cover More