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  • Beeps....
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    Beeps… – column

    What is this recurring nonsense with 'babes' and motorcycles? There are even special sections in the media about your brand while roaming around in media land. Young, and very unsafely dressed and certainly near a motorcycle. Being unsafely dressed is an item in motorcycle land, I am […] More

  • Suzuki t500. from superbike to kilo banger

    Suzuki T500. From superbike to kilo banger

    BV NIMAG started in 1964 with the import of Suzuki motorcycles in the Netherlands. That turned out to be a bull's eye, because in 1972 Suzuki was the best-selling motorcycle brand in our country after Honda. The patriarch of the T(itan) 500 was the Suzuki Cobra, the T500 point 1. And the 500/FIVE was there again […] More

  • motors

    New engines. Modern people

    Owning a ZGAN BMW GS does not make the owner an accomplished motorcyclist. But the man we overtook on our brave classics drove very like a wet rag. When we went on a nicotine freeze a few miles away – you have to nurture your addictions – the BMW struggled […] More

  • Modern motorcyclists

    Modern motorcyclists: good people

    Motorcyclists come in all shapes and sizes. My favorite motorcycle is a Russian pastry from the year jug. When driving uphill in the Ardennes, the brave twin suddenly climbed high in the revs. The cardan shaft had rotated through its teeth, so all the power, the specified 34 hp, could no longer handle […] More

  • Motorcyclists

    Motorcyclists: The brotherhood

    Motorcyclists wave to each other. They are commanded by their desire for freedom and companionship. So it is very obvious that a Moto Guzzi Nuevo Falcone and an IMZ 8.103 (let's say 'an Ural') leave from Gelderland for Cadzand Bad. Winding roads Via the TomTom's 'winding roads programming' that is a journey […] More

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