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  • Commer

    Commer 'Walk Thru' (1969) by Henk Zuidema. Family feeling.

    Keeping an old-timer club alive and kicking isn't easy, any more than driving a classic vehicle. As chairman of the Commer club, Henk is very happy that there are still 40 Commers in the club that are roadworthy and another 40 with a sleeping or suspended license plate. Henk has now been 'promoted' to retirement, which should above all mean that there is more time for the classic hobby.  More

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    Campers can also be classics

    Oldtimer motorhomes are popular. There is therefore a lively trade in these vehicles, both online and regular and both with private individuals and professional dealers. These classic travelers generally offer a little less comfort and less sophisticated options than modern motorhomes, but there is a very large dose of charm. They More

  • DAF camper

    DAF camper, is it time to say goodbye?

    Just a little while and this DAF camper is anchored deep in the earth, the elements have had free play for years. The owner may see this unique DAF as a storage type, but for us it is a sad sight. It goes without saying that after so many years in the same place, the DAF with the DIY caravan slowly More