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Prinsjesdag: The Hague processes the wrong old-timer measure in millions of notes

The million dollar bill presented today definitively states the classic car scheme as proposed earlier this year. The Hague still plans to implement the 40-year compromise negotiated with difficulty by the classic car alliance and State Secretary Weekers. This agreement means that from 2014, only vintage cars aged 40 years or older will remain completely exempt from road tax. Petrol cars aged between 26 and 40 are charged a quarter of the MRB rate, but they must be parked during the winter months. The measure should yield the cabinet €137 million, but it is very unlikely that that estimate will be achieved.

Motions for relaxing old-timer control diesel and LPG old-timers rejected

Today the House of Representatives returned from the May recess and it would vote on postponed motions that had been submitted just before the recess. These motions also included the motions of MP Farshad Bashir (SP) to include the younger LPG and diesel vintage cars in the transitional arrangement that will apply to petrol vintage cars from 26 to 40 years old per 1-1-2014 . State Secretary Weekers advised the House of Representatives in submitting these motions to support the House because, according to Weekers, both LPG and diesel are used to cover many kilometers and to drive cheaply. In the Weekers proposal, gasoline, LPG and diesel cars are only road tax-free from 40 years, and for gasoline cars between 26 and 40 years old a quarterly road tax applies (with a maximum of 120 euros per year) prohibition on not using the oldtimer during the winter months or to put it on the street.

Our own Soap - exemption MRB share something

A striking detail is, of course, that part of the alliance, the BOVAG and the RAI have been urging the government since the beginning of last year to overhaul the scheme for old-timers. So you may wonder why people have repented there now, or there are hidden agendas. Who now has what interest? The importance of the BOVAG and RAI is of course clear. But what is the importance of the KNAC in this? The KNAC has traditionally been a club for modern transport. But in recent years it has also moved towards the classic driver.