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  • Bmw welt in munich: gourmet palace for ruben.

    BMW WELT in Munich: Gourmet palace for Ruben.

    Car hobby is for people of all ages, ranks and positions. Ruben, 12 years old, is living proof of that. Despite his young age, he has had a passion for automobiles for many years. Together with his friends he takes pictures of special cars they encounter. Ruben also likes to attend events with his father. […] More

  • Cadillac

    Cadillac and Andy Warhol. A special exhibition in Germany

    A real European premiere will take place in the Isarforum in Munich. On July 14, the exhibition “Letters to Andy Warhol” will kick off in the Bavarian capital. The project cannot be seen separately from the American Cadillac, which has always been a source of inspiration for the artist. The exhibition lasts […] More

  • The NSU 1200 C, solid and full of surprises

    The NSU 1200 C, solid and full of surprises

    The NSU 1200 C, solid and full of surprises. NSU made high-quality and technically advanced cars. The brand also did this with motorcycles before that. From the motorcycle world, the air-cooled NSU four-cylinder car engines were the basis of many an early 'superbike'. Such an air-cooled engine with an overhead camshaft runs – between two or four […] More

  • in

    BMW Group Classic brings history together in one place

    BMW Group Classic has completed a major move. From now on, visitors can find everything about the history of the 100-year-old brand in Milbertshofen (Munich). The extensive collection of cars, archives, customer centre, workshop and spare parts service are now grouped under one roof. BMW Group Classic thus also returns to […] More