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Shelby GT 350 / 500

An anabolic Ford Mustang: The Shelby GT 350/500 The 1967-68 Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350 is one of the coolest American 'muscle cars' ever made. It was a race car with a license plate. The new Shelby was built in one…

A happy marriage

And that it is also a business-based marriage? That's only a good thing. Carla Paumen and Adelbert Engler first found and got to know each other in the business field. Getting to know each other turned into genuine mutual love. Carla…

August number Auto Motor Klassiek

Subscribers with a benevolent postal worker already have it on the bus today, if you buy it in the store, you have to wait a little longer. The new issue, August 2014, will be available in stores from Tuesday. And we have again done our best to create a beautiful, varied song with something for every classic fan.

Auto Motor Klassiek number 8

With perhaps the holidays in mind, it is of course useful to know what we are going to put in that issue. Of course, the first 20-25 pages will be filled with columns, all kinds of messages about classic cars and motorcycles, the regular columns of the Dutch Historic Rally Club. But you can also expect various rally reports and reports on interesting events from us.