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    Classics in Turkey

    Not now, but in the past and in the future, primary schools apparently make wish fulfillment. What if there is a child who would like to ride in a sidecar? Then of course you make yourself available as a local tricycle. More

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    What is what completely worth? The MZ is doing the splits

    In our hobby everyone - except me - actually assumes that prices are asking prices. This means that the selling party has a price idea. But the bottom line is - if you're not a seasoned trader - “Do I want it and can I afford it?”. The Internet is teeming with people who, at any given price, howl louder than the eight wolves on the Veluwe can do together. More

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    Ostalgie: Trabant and MZ

    Talked to someone yesterday about the former GDR where life was good for about 80% of the people. Housing was cheap, education and health care were good and free. And if you just walked in line, you would have a job, or at least a job, all your life. More

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    Rolfs Reizen: The GDR

    A long time ago, in 1971, the four of us drove on a moped to the GDR, Hungary and Yugoslavia. The goal was the Italian coast, to watch girls there. That didn't work out, because we were running out of money and one of us got homesick. On our journey, past the pretty scary Iron Curtain, we saw a lot of motorcycles, which we found very interesting. It was very funny to first see a helmet appear in the rolling landscape and then an MZ, a Pannonia and many Jawas. More

  • IFA BK 350

    IFA BK 350. The other boxer

    The BK 350 (the letters stand for Boxer Kardan with 350 cc displacement) was a motorcycle model of the VEB Motorradwerke Zschopau (MZ), which was produced from 1952 to 1959; initially under the name “IFA BK 350”. The BK 350 was presented to the public at the Leipziger Messe in 1951 as a DKW two-cylinder engine. More

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    MZ bi-characters are also valued below

    We recently talked about the fact that no one is interested in the very classic Honda C72-C77 line. But it's not just some Japanese classics that remain so underrated. The MZ 250 cc single-cylinder two-strokes are simply classic, deployable and endearing. Maybe it's up to him in terms of classic experience More



    A two-stroke boxertwin The MZ BK350 After the war, Germany was redistributed and much of DKW's knowledge and production fell into communist and/or socialist hands. The IFA/MZ machines were direct successors in the DKW bloodline. But luckily it remained with the cloning of pre-war DKW models. The BK350 is More

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    Jawas, MZs and Urals back home

    As noted before, the prices of classic ex-Eastern Bloc machines, motorcycles and cars have been rising for some time now. That is because the enthusiasts here are carefully discovering the brands and because of what they call the “ostalgia” in the former GDR. The kind of longing for the past. 'Ostalgia' Now those are More

  • Classic tires

    Classic tires from Heidenau

    Classic tires. In 1946, in Heidenau, Heidenauer Gummiwerke started the production of soles and rain capes. From there it was of course only a small step to start making tires. In 1953 that was already 60.000 car and 40.000 motorcycle tires. In 1968 in the glorious GDR all tire manufacturers were swept together and More

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    Tinkering. A passed station?

    tinkering. A passed station? It appears so. Or not? This came up during a visit to the Woesthoff motor scrap yard in Brummen, where Joost Woesthoff, the man named after his company, was just packing a crankshaft for shipment to America. The same thing came up two days before More

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