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    Jawa. Forward into the past

    Retro is a trend. The big brands now all have something that is a tribute to the past. In the most elaborate PR approach, happy sense refers to a history that never existed. That is something for marketing reasons. From the budget corner are a bunch of brands that - whether or not under European supervision - are made in China. These motorcycles / motorbikes are usually based on eighties models from Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. More

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    UAZ 452. Not retro, but real

    New Beetles. Minis and Fiat 500s? I see retro as designers' weakness or cunning marketing. Retro isn't real. Of course there are exceptions that I like. There are the Kawasaki W650-800 king axles on two wheels and the recent 650 cc Royal Enfield twins. Those things each have added value. But whether More

  • 99985 Kilometer on the clock ...

    99985 Kilometer on the clock ...

    99985 Kilometers on the clock. And new. Is that possible? That's possible… BMW enthusiast, motor sprayer and AMK reader Theo Terwel bought this BMW with 99985 Kilometers on the clock. BMW delivered its motorcycles from the factory with that odometer reading. Then the dealer could make the motorcycle roadworthy, take it for a test drive and More

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    Old and new. A partner exchange.

    That extremely high average age of motorcyclists is of course partly due to my great-uncle Garty. He once got his motorcycle license in colonial times. He is now 87 and still smokes without glasses. But he has not been riding an 50 for years. He counts in the statistics. but brave with it.

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    Old engine, new spokes

    A pair of fresh spokes determine the face of a classic motorcycle. But more than once problems have arisen by enthusiasts who cut the old spokes out of cost savings themselves and proudly arrived at the spokes specialist with the remark: "Do me new rims and spokes". More