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  • Datsun Fairlady

    Datsun Fairlady

    Spring cleaning is a thing. But no domestic dust bunnies can compete with what you park, store or simply store on photo material, such as digital. The whole world fits in a solid state hard drive. In retrospect, you sometimes wonder, mildly bewildered, how visual and text material ended up on it. You will find a set of photos of a very elegant Japanese classic: The Datsun Fairlady. More

  • Nissan Cedric 1900 de Luxe

    Nissan Cedric 1900 de Luxe from Australia

    Nissan Cedric 1900 de Luxe – Beautiful baroque is not ugly The modesty at its best, this Nissan Cedric from 1965. Because except for the type plate on the bulkhead, it does not carry its brand name proudly. However, it is precisely this that ensures that he inadvertently knows all the attention is focused on himself. Because bystanders walk hopelessly More

  • Nissan Laurel

    Nissan Laurel (C31). The fat one from Datsun

    The well-to-do bourgeoisie, or that which wants to pass for it, now invariably talks about premium. Interesting. People consistently call it fat. Nice and short. But in fact the somewhat hysterically adored class of the larger sedan has been around for much longer and this segment was also unjustly at the time by purely More

  • Nissan Prairie

    The Nissan Prairie. Just as strange as the AMC Pacer

    And those Pacers are now also quite popular. While in, and shortly after their time, they were worth about twice as much. The Nissan Prairie was seen as just such a weird rabbit. So who knows how sought it will be? Nissan and the Nissan Prairie The company's roots go back to 1933, More

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    Porsche big winner in National Classic Research 2017

    We recently investigated how involved importers and manufacturers are in the classic world. Which brands care about their classics and which don't? One brand stood head and shoulders above the rest in the National Classic Research 2017: Porsche. Various international studies have shown that classics are big business. As it turned out from a More

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    The first twenty years of Nissan in the Netherlands

    The importer recently thought about it: Nissan has been active in the Netherlands for 50 years. The Japanese set foot on Dutch soil in 1966. The first series of Nissans arrived in the Netherlands in 1966: the Datsun Bluebird and the slightly larger Cedric. From Sassenheim, the entrance to the Dutch market is managed in the right direction. More

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    AMK Classic research: participate!

    Can you go to the dealer with your classic or youngtimer or do you have to go to a brand specialist? Does an importer do something for you if you have a classic? Let us know in the big AMK Classic Survey! You may have already noticed on our Facebook page that we have started this research. Since More

  • Datsun 2400 Super Six

    A big Japanese: The Datsun 2400 Super Six

    A fat Japanese: The Datsun 2400 Super Six. That was actually a Nissan and an impressive test balloon to see what the Japanese car industry could mean for the European higher segment. In AMK issue 9, the September issue, you can read all about this brave and successful attempt by the Japanese. The Super More

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