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    Classics can shine. Or not – column

    Spoke this week with the proud, but above all 'happy' owner of a restored top classic. And heard how he had secured his storage room against burglary. Because he fully realizes that he is not the only one with very good taste. More

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    Everything will be different… - column

    As a classic enthusiast, I think there are very few fellow passionado m / f who are younger than forty years old. If you came to trade fairs for the Coronakriebels, the gray crests or high foreheads were seriously in the majority there. It seems that the love for classics is not something of all times, but only of a few generations.   More

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    MZs and Cubans

    Gerrit Kranenburg is involved in ex army engines and parts. After the fall of the Wall he bought a lot of MZ's and MZ parts. The first wave of sales went to… The former East Germany when, after the initial fear of freedom, the inhabitants regained a nostalgia for nostalgia. MZ's and Cubans But for now More

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    Old-fashioned sexist

    Back in the day, before the world became politically correct, there was one thing you could be sure of: The providers of car and motorcycle related things gave out calendars with busty ladies. FUCK! That misogynistic behavior has been swept away by at least three emancipatory tsunamis. Fortunately! Now the centuries-old manufacturer More